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Female typist tells people when it's okay to tell lies

Female typist tells people when it's okay to tell lies


GETTING ahead in life means sometimes having to tell a few white lies in order to get to where you need to be — we’ve probably all been guilty of it at some point.

Yeah, but men get prosecuted for rape when it happens.


Extending the truth in a job interview

One of the biggest cultural differences between Americans and Australians is our level of confidence. I sat through many job interviews when I first arrived in NYC where when asked if I was any good with Wordpress I gave a brutally honest answer that didn’t work in my favour.

It wasn’t until I was recounting my latest interview frustration to a friend who had been here much longer that she told me I had to step up my game and just say yes I was an expert and probably the best there is.

It’s OK to stretch the truth a little in a job interview regarding skills that you can likely brush up on at short notice such as Adobe and Microsoft Office (nothing a few YouTube sessions can’t fix).

Is it? I doubt one's future employer is going to be terribly impressed if you say you're conversant with Adobe Photoshop or Premiere when you aren't. But hey, vagina, so, go you.


Getting past the VIP rope

A couple of my close girlfriends are incredibly good at this. No matter how hard I try, I am always the one to get busted because I always hesitate at the crucial moment and give myself away. Security guards can smell fear.

However backstage and behind the scenes photographer SKINNY K has mastered the art and has been able to photograph the likes of The Dandy Warhols, A-Trak and Chromeo.

How? She says it’s all about respecting the artists and you have to be able to prove that you can bring something to the table.

[Image: 1265284926935.jpg]


Convincing someone that you actually like them

We all deal with people we don’t like — in social settings, at work and of course, there’s always a difficult aunt or some such family member you aren’t so keen on. One of the beauties of getting older is realising that you don’t need to get along with everyone all of the time, but for the most part it is generally a hell of a lot easier to.

Actually, nope, as you get older the great joy is that it gets easier to avoid the asshats you don't like, and you give steadily less shits about whether they care.


People love to talk about themselves, known fact. Simply by looking someone in the eye (and not past them!) listening intently, asking a lot of questions, mimicking their body language and by all means not looking at your phone to see who just texted you, I guarantee that will be well on your way to being in that person’s good books.

I guarantee if Dale Carnegie were alive, he would be suing your ass for copyright breach. This shit, told a hell of a lot better, and with a lot more besides, is in How to Win Friends And Influence People. And, contrary to the article's title, you can't fake this shit. Body language will give you away every time if you bullshit about being interested in someone.

Minor, maybe, but the casual disregard for honesty makes me shake my head given how women scream at manosphere types for being "deceptive" and "manipulative". Women are just as deceptive and manipulative if not moreso, except their deceptions can lock you down for a lifetime rather than an hour's fuck.

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Female typist tells people when it's okay to tell lies

Well maybe they just fall somewhere on the "spectrum of honesty", Para.

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