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Cockblocking Advice Needed

Cockblocking Advice Needed

Cockblocking has been occuring unusually frequently in recent approaches. I approach a girl, get quite a bit of rapport, and her fucking friend either literally pulls her away and starts dancing with her or asks her to step out with her because she's not feeling well. I've noticed many of the cockblockers are are male (and apparantly not her boyfriend).

Any advice?

Cockblocking Advice Needed

I've always found its very beneficial to befriend the lame male friends of a girl. White knights want to PROTECT a girl, if they think you're cool and not the kind of guy she needs protection from they'll let it be. I usually preemptively chat with the guy, buy him a drink, cheers it "to new friends" find some common ground (or make some up)

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Cockblocking Advice Needed

There are tons of threads on every type of cockblocking.

Some recent examples, including the exact same procedure you're describing:

Combating the "wrist clutch and pull" cock block maneuver

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Worst or best cockblock stories

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Cockblocking Advice Needed

Quote: (02-24-2012 11:25 AM)Chad Daring Wrote:  

I've always found its very beneficial to befriend the lame male friends of a girl. White knights want to PROTECT a girl, if they think you're cool and not the kind of guy she needs protection from they'll let it be. I usually preemptively chat with the guy, buy him a drink, cheers it "to new friends" find some common ground (or make some up)

Ding ding ding. Game 101, befriend the cockblocker. If you establish rapport with a girl's male friends, you accomplish many things. You preemptively defuse any cockblocking, find out who's single or attached in the group, and often make your target more receptive to your game since you have the approval of her friends. If the guy is chill he'll even help hook you up with his single friends sometimes (beta white knights won't do it but outgoing alpha dudes who know the game will often help you out). It also acts as a subtle neg if you don't immediately try to talk to her and shoot the shit with her guy friends instead.

Cockblocking Advice Needed

Some tactiques to avoid cockblocking.

1.Predict the possibility of cockblocking and get her phone number before the cockblocking takes place.You should judge quickly is her friend complacent with you talking to her?If not try to engage her in conversation if she does not want to talk,try to get number as soon as possible because she is going to cockblock.Also does she wait for other friends?Find out quickly.If she waits other friends build some comfort go then for phone number.Sometimes unexpected situations can happen for example some friends arrive from nowhere due to bad luck.

Or her pissed girlfriend may call her friends to come to club in order to cockblock you.So be prepared.

2.Check out and avoid disarming.Some guys may come to you and ask you random questions so her interest in you will be plumpeted because you will appear as boring.So give snappy witty answers and hold the tension to the level you want and not to the level the other guys want you to hold it.

3.Body position.

Set your body in position that optical contact with possible cockblocker is disturbed that is try to talk to her from such an angle that the cockblocker cannot see your mouth and her eyes you have always to put her head between you and the cockblocker's vision.It is important that the cockblocker does not overhear what you say so talk to her slightly less noisy so she has to extend her head to come close to you.In this way the cockblocker does not hear anything.

4.Cockblock from bartender.Some guys use the bartender to cockblock you if he is their friend.They send him to talk to the girl interrupting you and then gradually introducing his friends to her.The cockblock by the bartender is difficult to oppose because he is the House.I mean the rules are his.So if you see he tries to cockblock just order a drink to keep him busy and go for the phone number.

5.Physical cockblock.Grabbing the girl from her hand and moving her away.This is the most difficult cockblock to handle.Physical cockblock is asking for confrontation.Many guys will do it if they see you as dangerous that your game brings results.Also many of her girlfriends will do it it appears like a choice between her long known friend and you.I had this many times happen I attribute this to high level game I was running.Generally if you see possibility for cockblock break your level of attraction a little bit so that her friend gets sleepy and does not view you as a danger.Then escalate and take her by surprise.Of course you have to judge because if you slow down you may lose time in order to build rapport so you will not get phone number if quickly needed when cockblock is imminent.So you have to judge.

Cockblocking Advice Needed

Let's come to the issue of the painful cockblocking.This is when some guys or girls try to block you from talking with girls by getting physical.Common things they do:

1.The ''by accident cigarete burn.''A guy comes close to you with his cigarette lit and burns your arm or shirt.He claims it was by accident.You will see that sometimes after talking to beautiful women you will start having holes on your shirts from cigarette burn or your arm will start aching like hell from the many stings.

2.The kicking on your ankles.This is sth females prefer.They get close to you and start kicking you on your ankles from side position because they do not like that you talk to another girl and not them.After a while your ankles become so sorrow that you can hardly walk let alone dance or talk comfortably with the girl.

How I avoid the cigarette burn and the kicking on the ankles.

First of all when I start talking to a girl I put a seat on the other side so no girl can come and kick me at the ankles and legs.Some girls will still come behind you though.That is why I sit or stand with back on the bar so I have cut off the access from the one side and the back.If they try to come in front in order to kick me I push them slightly in non approach position.I keep them away with my arm.If they still push and want to come close or manage to take the seat and start kicking I may kick them as well although this is not taken as a decent man behaviour.They usually get surprised by my reaction.

How to avoid the cigarette burn.Always check out the periphery close to you and keep your arm slightlyextended.When while talking with a girl you realise that a guy comes to burn you with his cigarette grab your drink as if you want to drink and when he stings his hand forward to burn you move your drink suddenly ''by accident'' so that his hand makes it spill over his sleeves.Most guys are surprised by that and cannot believe or guess that you put your drink deliberately this way.If you want to humiliate him say I am sorry while spilling more drink on his sleeve.This however may make him rather angry and he will invite you to fight outside.

Other things guys do to annoy you.They may come close to you and start coughing.The reason is they want you to be scared that their cough will transmit you disease so you will move from your position and they will talk to the girl you are talking to.When a guy comes and coughs I never move my position or I start coughing as well.If he overdoes I may even burp loudly on his face to show him who is in control.

Another thing they do is they smoke close to you and blow the smoke to your face ''by accident'' in reality to embarrass you,make you change position or simply make your pick up uncomfortable.When a guy blows his smoke into my face I blow the smoke back to his face while all the time carrying a bottle with my hand in case he decides to attack.I also put seats around(as I refered to you before) so if he comes close he will come from predicted direction or he will be decidedly delayed(in these cases some seconds are enough).

Cockblocking Advice Needed

Another way to avoid cockblocking is the so called dirty game.Dirty game is powerful however it is a common consent among players not to use dirty game because it is unfair.Two examples of this kind of game are picking up girls next to toilet and whispering to girls'ear.

When women go to toilet they usually stand in a queu(rather loose) because their bladders are small and they have to piss more often than guys.They also have period sometimes and need to change serviettes or need to check again their make up,fix their hair or even talk with their friends in the privacy of toilet.

So when they wait to enter the toilet they are already away from boyfriends,husbands and their company that is it is the easiest way to isolate them.For this reason the toilet game is unfair per se.Her boyfriend does not have any chance to see what you do with her since he is staying in the bar or dance floor(although sometimes guys send their friends to check their gfs near the toilets).

(There are even some wussy guys who some girls use as bodyguards every time they go to the toilet in order to guard their pissing in safe).

So it is extremely easy to open girls near the toilet since the easiest and most receptive ones who usually have boyfriends are alone in the toilet.However since the other gamers cannot see what you are doing in the toilet it is considered not decent behaviour and it is usually a consensus and savoir vivre between players to abstain from toilet game.

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