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need some tactics in holiday spots

need some tactics in holiday spots

Dear Fellows,

I need to be advised how I could get girls from clubs or discos especially from Spanish resorts like Lloret De Mar or Ibiza.
Should I isolate the target with chat or wait her to be some drunk?
It could be question like from the beginners but I only focus on 8-9 or 10 type girls.
Is it totally essential to make some pre-day game befere clubbing?
Do clubs have too much noise for long time chat?
Is it better to wait till 01:00 a.m. to approach the girls?
Is there any differnce between holiday spots between Greece and Spain?
As I know, most of Greek beaches flooded by your very average looking British chicks.
Do you have some tip for any Greek destination which has better quality girls like from Scandinavian?

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