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Paris Nightlife

Paris Nightlife

Does anyone have any nightlife recs for Paris? Paris seems to be a weak spot on the forum as I couldn't really find anything on here except for a few very high end clubs. I'm looking for more mid range places. Thanks.

Paris Nightlife

I just did a quick google search and found these links which can be of interest:
List of clubs/bars/lounges in Paris with short descriptions, all in French:

Another good link listing some good clubs in Paris (on the left of the screen, click on the names of the club to get more details about each one:

List by category, click on the category on the left of the screen to have options listed for each category:é

Awesome site where you can search for options in Paris based on the quartier/section of town and price range:

Some options in English:

Map of Paris' clubs:

That should be a good start and should keep you busy for a while. Any questions, just ask them here. Enjoy![Image: smile.gif]

Paris Nightlife

Oh check this thread too for some good first hand experience from Paris from guys from here:

Paris Nightlife

Quote: (02-16-2012 10:35 PM)Vacancier Permanent Wrote:  

Oh check this thread too for some good first hand experience from Paris from guys from here:

Thanks man appreciate it. Any specific recs? only here for 3 days.

Paris Nightlife

Quote: (02-17-2012 12:30 PM)BTman Wrote:  

Quote: (02-16-2012 10:35 PM)Vacancier Permanent Wrote:  

Oh check this thread too for some good first hand experience from Paris from guys from here:

Thanks man appreciate it. Any specific recs? only here for 3 days.

I was in Paris a couple of months ago and I didn't find much info beforehand. My tactic was to message couchsurfing chicks with the newest profiles (as recommended on a diffferent thread). I had a few flakes, but one parisian chick contacted me at the last minute and offered to show me the Paris night life. In the end I didn't bang her, but I still had a blast.....bottom line, find a local through couchsurfing or another site and ask her to show you around.

Paris Nightlife

So I choose Paris, even with the perceived notion of anti Americanism, costliness and my lack of speaking any French. Overall I felt almost no anti American sentiment at all, I just made pathetic attempt to start the conversation in French and people appreciated the attempt and responded to me in English. This was with waiters, taxi drivers and most importantly for the purposes of this forum girls.

Overall girls were very friendly and extremely sexy. A lot of mixed girls (half French and half black/arabic) they were almost always in great shape and dress and carry themselves in a manner not found with our sluts back in the US.

My Experience Gaming
My first approach of the night on Friday I went into to a group of cute blond girls who I thought were French, and started in with par-lay voo zon-glay (do u speak English) they replied yes and we're immediately interested and from Australia. I wasn't that interested since I wanted to meet French girls and politely excused myself. The next group i went up to were composed of a 7.5 and a 8.5 from the french part of Switzerland. I figured close enough to a french girl, I started talking to the hotter one and passed the other one off to my friend. They were digging us and we eventually go with them to another bar. We start dancing and drinking whatever and this girl is smart, sexy as hell and a lot of fun. I’m doing amazing at this point and have established myself at this bar as the resident silverback. Up until this point I was doing perfect.... So while we're dancing I go I for the kiss and turns away and says she has a bf. Usually I would try to get a feel of how serious she was and most likely move on. But for some reason I thought I could still execute mainly again because I felt on top of my game. I asked her if t was serious she immediately said yes they have been together for 6 yrs, blah, blah. I tried the well why aren't u married line and tried to cast some doubt in her mind...scummy i know...long story short instead of nexting her I kept trying to change mind and continued wasting the next hour or so with her. I finally realized this was going no where and politely excused myself.

I don’t even make a half lap of the bar and within 30 seconds I see my next target a tall sultry looking french girl that was born in Algeria. Maybe a 7.5 and had an aura of sexiness about her. She was in a group of 2 girls and 3 guys but gave she gave me the invitation to approach with her eyes. She tells me I'm a nice guy and says she's fucked one the guys in their group and he was getting jealous. I told her I didnt care and he's not going to do a thing. Which was true as I was acting way too dominant for him to really try anything. Eventually one of her female friends pulls her away and I'm like whatever I don't need to deal with another difficult scenario again.

Next girl I approach is a basic french girl with nothing too interesting about her. Prolly a 6.5. At this point it's pretty late and there is not much going on. I try moving way too fast try and make out with her within the first couple of minutes and she is not having it and tells me she doesnt know anything about me. At this point I could have persisted and worked her but i was just looking for a french girl who wanted fuck with having me putting in too much work. I go back to my group see some lame guy try on hitting on "my"swiss girl quickly go in and literally just move him to the side and tell him to stop talking to my girlfriend. She plays alongs and I make some more attempts with her again to no avail. It's prolly close to 4am and my other buddy is way too drunk and we decide to get out of there. Recap of the night is that not one girl blew me off in about 6 or 7 approaches approaching, I don't think I have ever gone out and not gotten blown off once. Not sure if it was my confidence, French girls in general or some other factor I don’t know about. Would like to hear other peoples experiences with that in Paris.

Next night we try to go to a club, couldn't get in and decided to head back to the only other area we know which is where we were last night. Went to the same bar we took the girls too the night is completely packed tonight and the crowd is very different. A lot more tourists and more aggressive guys. Again go I win the same line and again have the same approach success. Not one girl blowing me off and a lot of very sexy girls were there again. Best of show that I talked to was half sengalese and half french girl. She was there with her twin sister also gorgeous and an asian girl that was absolutely horrible looking. I tried getting one of my buddies to talk the uranium enriched grenade but she was just disgusting and couldnt really blame him. I tried isolating my girl but she wouldnt leave her friends Anyways I get bored and just eventually moved on. We leave and go to another bar and same sort of vibe and class of people but for whatever reason no girl would give me the time of day at this bar. Prolly made like 5 approaches girls either ignored me completely or others just said no. It was weird dichotomy from my other experiences that night/weekend. Anyways quickly leave there and try to back to the first place which was even more jammed with people at this point. Decided we didn't want to deal with that crowd and decided to look for another bar or try and find a cab. At this point every bar was complelty packed with ridiculous lines. These weren’t upscale clubs but just regular bars. Anyways while waiting for a cab i start chatting up a 6.5 French girl and almost convince her to come back to our hotel for a drink but her friends come in and pull her away. Third night we didn't go out but my buddy met up with the Swiss girl from the first night at a wine bar and banged back at her place.

Getting into places in Paris is very tough. We were a group of 4 guys. We tried going to known clubs but not places like Le Baron or Le Cab but from my understanding less exclusive places like Paris Social Club/ Rex Club. The bouncers were very courteous unlike NY bouncers and just said they can't let us in with 4 guys and then usually proceeded to give us some idea of where we could get in. We asked if we could buy bottles/ tables and that still didn't matter. Though not good for us but actually kind of refreshing...u have to be able to get in rather than being able to buy your way into a place. Saturday night we saw tons of guys get turned down at the random Irish-ey type bars we were going to as well. I think Parsian bouncers try very hard to keep even ratios. The street that we went out on is called Oberkampf street. Seemed like a middle class area and was very ethnically diverse. Probably say about 15-25% tourists. Actually I was very surprised how ethnically diverse Paris was as a whole was. It was my first time being there in about 6 or 7 years and I felt it was a very integrated society (meaning a lot of different types of people hanging out with each other(white, black, middle eastern, Asian all hanging out together) I feel like the US has a very segregated nightlife scene. Even in places like NYC.

Random other advice
Find a good nightlife area and stay close to it. I would recommend oberkampf but I’m sure there are other areas just do a lot of research. It's actually pretty hard finding accurate / good info online. Most listings are for the upscale places. The reason I say stay close to a nightlife area is cabs are impossible to find late at night and we waited 1 hour the first night and about 40 mins the second night.

Do not stay in the Eiffel tower area as there is no nightlife there.

Make an attempt no matter how feeble it might be to speak some french even if it's just bonjour, merci, etc. French people appreciate it.

If you're going to the Lourve go to the subway entrance rather than the above ground entrance by the pyaramids. The wait to go through the metal detectors is ridiculous above ground. Also when buying tickets find the automated machines much faster but make sure you have cash because they don't take American credit cards without a chip.

I didn't go to Versailles this time but have been b4 and it's amazing...def check out

Food in Paris is awesome things to try beef tartar, foie gras, oysters, steak and frites, modules and frites, and French onion soup were some of my faves.

A cab from the airport will run about 60 euros and takes about an hour. Train takes about 1.5-2 hours and costs 9 euros. Took us about 4hours on the way in because the train broke down.

I read a lot on here that Paris is the day game capital of the world...I only tried one approachin the day I was there on the Champs Elysees and ended up meeting these 2 very hot Brazilian girls. I have no day game at all (been meaning to pickup a copy of mr roosh's book on the subject) so it eventually fizzled out but someone with more/any day game could have gotten something out of it.

Dress well... I think most guys on here get that concept already

I definitely see another trip to Paris in my future. Hopefully I'll be able to take my lessons learned and have more tangible success.

Paris Nightlife

Im heading to paris at in about a day.
Im planning to make it to the beaches of normady.
But ill be in the city for at least 4 days.

I kinda assume paris doesnt have alot of data for the fact that its so big and populated.
I feel like a data sheet my limit people to a specific section or the city or something.

Im not sure exactly the logistics of everything in the city and how big it really is on foot.
If a chick lives at the other side of the easy is it to make it there?

Ive read/heard that traffic is up the ass there

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Paris Nightlife

As far as bars go oberkampf is pretty much the only area I know of where you can go bar hopping loads of students there. Some of the clubs have that NYC level of velvet rope bullshit and frankly its not worth the hassle of trying to work out which ones will and will not let you in.

Paris Nightlife

Was in Paris for 10 days over spring. Was very surprised by how tame the nightlife was. Asked around for recs...lot of people said Paris nightlife is not what you would imagine. I had a tough time accepting this, but the times I went out, did not see a ton. Frankly, I saw more in the daytime at cafes, etc...Checked out the Oberkampf area at night and was not overly impressed. I heard the Bastille area is bar to bar as well (I can't remember the name of this place, but it was a big salsa club/place to eat girls going in...should not be hard to find...I think the place is very well known). Depends what you are looking for. I DID LIKE a place called Mama Shelter. Went there one night with my boy and had dinner and then drinks. Music was epic old skool hip hop and good crowd. It's more a cool lounge type of place which I like. Guys were wearing the slim jeans, cool tees, jackets, cool trainers type of look. I checked out the W Hotel lounge bar. Dead. There was another joint and I can't think of the name, but great for cocktails. It was a VERY SMALL Mexican restaurant upfront, and then you went through this almost "secret" door in the back of the place and it opened into this super cool NYC type underground lounge bar. Great cocktails! Atmosphere was also nice. I bet you could search for the place and find it on the net or just ask around. I believe it was close to the W.
Last bit of advice...I think the true Paris crowd goes out on Wed. and Thurs. It's sort of like Stockholm in that regard. I asked about this and that was the consensus. Weekends are not the same everybody said. It also seems that you need to be dialled in, because there are a lot of private parties, dinners at people's homes, etc...Good luck!

Paris Nightlife

I love Paris. NYC and Paris are the greatest cities in the world.

It might not have the nightlife of Miami or Ibiza but it has everything in quality and abundance from girls to food to architecture. Just walking around is an adventure.

But yeah if you're going for the nightlife, you could definitely pick a better city. Still not that bad though, I'd say it's average.

Paris Nightlife

If it helps..ill be staying in the 16th district.
Ive heard there isnt much there.
Oberkampf seem to be at least 20 minutes away.
are city logistics go enough to be all around the city and back?

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Paris Nightlife

Metro is fine to move about. I never saw taxis in that city. Funny. So get your shit together to use the metro. I bought a week pass or something. No biggie.

Paris Nightlife

Ah...that place in the Bastille that was the salsa club is called Barrio Latino. Did see some hotties at the door. Make sure to be pimped out. No trainers. The guys at the door were dicks.

Paris Nightlife

My Paris experience was pretty fun.

French people hate Americans.
Americans and British live up to the sterotype..
the only fat people in the city are the british an americans

That being said..I pretended I was german..And people seemed to love me.
Even tried to teach me some phrases.
all I can remember is Je'Taim (can't spelled it)
I would tell girls that and my name and grab there hand and give the two kisses on the cheap.

Further in the night I ended up sleeping in the hostel dorm with some girls I had met earlier.
Only to get cussed out the next morning by some fat french girl because the room was apparently girls only.
Fat bitch stormed to the bathroom saying she was going to the manager..after she put her tampax in.
I took that as my chance to hightail out of bed and get to the lobby...not before I ate the free hostel breakfast and walked out the place like I owned it.

My friend I was staying with had to work so he only could take me out one of the 4 nights I was there
He took me to the Latin Quarter.
Which is fulled of both French and alot of tourist.
I never made it to any other club areas..cause i couldnt find them..or the places were closing.

the street we were one was called
rue de la huchette

I have no idea what any of the bar/clubs names were..but they werent great.

One place has this big ass bouncer that didnt let us in cause we didnt have girls.
So we walked up and down the block and picked up at least 3 groups of chicks.
till these 3 american girls literally stood right in front of us
(2 chubby ones and one decent looking one)
The decent one claimed it was her birthday and wanted to kiss a french guy
PPSSSH people though we were friends been living there a while and I "stole" this french girls jacket the night before when I left her place
[Image: Orisue-Wool-Jacket-01-horz.jpg]
It was a little tight..but apparently I looked fly as fuck with a pair of red shades.
Everyone was

We used the chicks to get into the club..that was packed deep with spanish and french girls (spain recently beat ireland 4-0)
Chicks were grinding on everything in site..
I got a light from this sexy little french thing..
and tried to get her to the floor.

The second bouncer said I couldnt go past the bar cause I didnt buy a drink. -_-
Fuck if i was paying 9 euro for a beer.
So it turned into an arguing match..where the bouncer actually shoved a girl.
It ended with the 3 american girls..2 friends and I and about 5 spanish girls getting kicked out of the club.
and less than 5 minutes later a group of (actually attractive) american girls also got kicked out.

So no pussy that night..we had fun trolling the street pretending to be german so girls would chill with us

For the longest time Ive hated france.
I still do..the french are complete assholes in almost every aspect.
But I literally could count the amount of fat french people I saw on 2 hands.
French girls are on point.
I would definitely paint a few of them [Image: wink.gif]

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Paris Nightlife

Sourcecode, how good is your French? And did you manage to game any French chick?

Paris Nightlife

I speak no french.
I learned basic stuff like
yes,no,thanks,whats up, my name is ect,within 2 hours of getting off the plane and then memorized some phrases I thought I would need to get around a little easier.
I learn languages pretty with enough words I could spring rudimentary ideas together for basic introductions.

My game was boldly walk up..say my name..and put my hand out for a handshake.
Then take the two cheek kisses.
It wasn't hard to get a makeout within a couple minutes playing the foreigner game that wanted to learn the kissing culture

Some girls wanted nothing to do with me..but in retrospect. When I was blown off, it was because I came from behind the girls..or I didnt make eye contact quick enough.

*That plus I was carried a bottle of wine or porto with me. and just walked right into groups of people.

The french(guys and gals) seem to love confidence.
I literally walked into a crowd of about 7 people and got right in the middle and started talking to them(in fake broken english)..gave my bottle to a chick to drink..and they invited me to the club with them.
And the next night did it in a group of at least 20 people getting out of a student dorm

When a girl walked towards me..I made direct eye contact an she knew I was about to open my mouth.
I give my little spiel...
Bonjour et ca va.
je mapelle Sourcecode et..non parlais francais
Assuming I said..Hey,Whats up. my names sourcecode and I dont speak french
The girls would stop to talk to me for a minute to gauge if I was interesting enough to hang out with and go from there.

*edit.I didnt make it too clear..My friend living took my out one night.
But the other nights I went out with a different or i went out solo and just took my bottle with me an joined some groups

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