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First job in a new city

First job in a new city

I tried the search function and didnt come up with anything quite like this but if its a repeat question please direct me to the right thread.

I recently graduated college with a BA in management and have decided to move to a Austin to get away from SA. I have a night job that allows me to save money and travel to Austin (1 1/2 hrs away) during the day for job interviews. My question is: Are there any suggestions of where should I apply for a first job?

I know that your first job doesnt matter so much but picking the right job CAN open doors for you as far as long term stability. My goal is to settle in Austin with decent income and network within the first year or 2 to break into a long term career path or my current preference of latching in on a small business that I believe in.

So far ive been applying to personal banker positions at big banks in Austin in the geographic location I want to live, are there any other suggestions of jobs I should be seeking that might be good for my first year or 2 until I know where I want to work? Any suggestions, criticism or questions asking for more detail are welcome.

Also, for those of you who might suggest I stay in my current town: I refuse to settle a long term "stable" job here in SA ("for a year or two"), i find it is too easy to get comfortable and "stuck" in this city, all my friends are either tied down in one way or another, pregnancy, career, bills, lease, etc. and I dont want to allow myself to be put in that situation. Plus this city is a drain on my physical and mental health.

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