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Place with the best food

Place with the best food

Quote: (07-25-2015 10:15 PM)Adrenaline Wrote:  

There's no such thing as best food in the world because it all comes down to personal taste. Having said that, any recommendations for best places serving food containing lamb and chicken on a spit...yiros, kebabs, Atomic Bombs etc?

Istanbul was incredible., even the street meat. Oddly enough, Munich, Germany too, as they have a lot of Turkish immigrants.

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Place with the best food


Fine dining that you would pay $500-600 for in Singapore and Hong Kong, for less than $100.
Fantastic, dirt cheap, street food everywhere.
Any kind of international food you could possibly want.
Fucking Isaan food, tum poo pla ra, tum kratorn, and yam pla duk foo are the shit.

Top tier:

High end:
Eat Me

Cheap tier:
Krua Apsorn
Or Tor Kor Market(for buying ingredients)
Yam pla duk foo at Huay Khwang Market.

Those are the places of the top of my head that I would recommend.

There's even a L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Bkk now, I hear.

Place with the best food

Absolutely horrible place for game, but Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur and Georgetown, Penang are absolutely incredible for food.

You have Indian:
Mainly southern food with the popular northern dishes as well;
Thosai (Potato pancakes with spices and masala sauces)
Tandoori Chicken
Chicken/Mutton curries
Banana leaf vegetarian curries
Excellent naan bread
The world's best Roti

Malay food:
all sorts of seafood dishes

Southern style barbeque foods; chicken, pork, duck etc.
Fish ball soups
Organ on a stick
Dim Sum

You also have cheap Thai food everywhere

In Kuala Lumpur there is a lot of cheap middle eastern food and the western food is great and cheap as well

Then you have the crown Jewel of Malaysian eating, the Mamak! Feel like Fried Chicken, Fried Rice, Indian Curry and Naan Bread under one roof? Go here! It's dumb cheap as well.

Place with the best food

Germany is also great. Cross roads of Europe, plenty of German(duh), French, Italian, Spanish, South American food that is fucking great as well as a lot of fucking EXCELLENT Turkish food. Cheap as shit as well. Great country for eating.

Place with the best food

I'm surpised nobody has mentioned Indian food. Not my definitely favourite but.. Damn mouthwatering.

The highlight for me culminated when I attended a wedding in New Delhi. At least a hundred of dishes to choose from. That was just damn fucking tasty despite everything was vegetarian!
And this comes from a guy that eats at least 1kg of meat every day.

Japanese is probably my nr 1 along with South American steak dishes.

Nothing wrong also with traditional Scandianvian food, but I eat regularly so much salmon,shrimps,elk,reindeer, mushrooms and berries so it doesn't feel exotic at all. Even though I'm loving it.

Thai food is also great, but I'm not so sure how healthy the street food is. They are frying most of it with hazardous oils. .

In fact I don't have a definitely number one, but if I had to pick one it would be Japanese.

Place with the best food

I should have mentioned Indian food.

I have never been to India or that region, but I love Indian food.
But I know there are many different styles.
I don't like the super spicy stuff or the vegetarian.

I like mild spice, sweat taste and meat.
I have friends from Bangladesh, and Pakistan also
I love all that shit.
Sometimes I would joke about marrying their sisters if they were anything like their moms.
I've never been to a brown persons house and their wasn't food.
The women in their houses are always cooking and feeding their kids.
Maybe some of them do become babied momma's boys.. But the food..

Turkish food is the same way.
I love kebab. Both the German fast food version and the traditional kebab.

Honestly.. All the time I spent in Germany.
I didn't like the food. German food is to relatively bland,fried, fatty and pork based.
I've never been a big fried pork eater.
A brother needs flavor in his life.
Germans must not even like German food, kebab is the number one food in Germany.
The same with Scandinavian food. Extremely bland.

I ate at a lot of Turkish, Balkan restaurants.
There was a awesome Serbian restaurant near my house.
And the German girl I dated had lived in China. She cooked a lot of Chinese food.

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Place with the best food

Going with Yelp stars:

3 and below mediocre
4: decent, but not enticing to return again.
5: so good i come back

Most restaurants I've been to in Boston have been meh. Even high end places here aren't that good. I blame it on a stark lack of butter and lard. I expect to be blown away when i eat out especially if it is 40+$. The places that have been the best food wise for me are hole in the walls or a unique ethnic experience (asian soup).

I love the restaurants in New York City. They're actually good. When I head back for work I try and grab at least something new so I don't feel so depressed when I head back up north.

Place with the best food

Quote: (02-14-2012 01:03 AM)thegmanifesto Wrote:  

It is widely accepted that Japan is doing the best food in the east (if not the world) and Spain is doing the best in the West.

Spanish food is somewhat overrated in my opinion. High end restaurants are good, and so are small cheap restaurants IF the owners put effort in their ingedients. IF they do this, Spanish food is really good. The problem is that many restaurant owners are too cheap when buying ingredients and lazy with cooking. And Spanish breakfast is terrible (except for a tostada de tomate with cafe con leche).

I like ceviche in Lima, Italian food, Indonesian food is also very good (except for the way they do meat in my opinion). Dutch East Indian cuisine is also good. In places like London, Las Vegas, NYC, Paris etc the high end food is also very good. Hong Kong is a great food city, too.

Place with the best food

baklava , kebab , döner , lahmacun , içli köfte , dolma ... You must comin in Turkey . best places for cultural foods . Turkish foods are amazing .

Place with the best food

^ Döners and kebab in Turkey sucks!

When I came to Istanbul I thought that now I must be in Kebab Heaven but I was truly disappointed. They are only good in Turkish restautants outside Turkey.

And Baklava.. Would you even call that food?

Place with the best food

I agree, Cody, having visited about sixty countries now, that Malaysia ranks near the top. Georgetown's night markets are cheap and terrific, especially for seafood lovers. Hong Kong and BKK of course need to be mentioned, and Singapore has legendary Malay-Chinese-Thai-Indian mixups and hawker stands where one eats like a king for $4.

In europe, though Italy is often heralded as the tops, I find Provence, France to stand in first class as well. The mix of traditional french cooking with the pan-mediterranean ingredients, local and super fresh, is amazing. Not cheap, but at least its worth it. The French also do not compromise on quality when it comes to food. Wine lovers, well, you know provence well.

However, the champ of Europe to me is Greece. Fresh seafood, great vegetables, amazing cheese and pretty decent wine. Grilled goat and lamb, simply and wonderfully prepared, with oil, garlic and lemon. And all of this available at a reasonable cost. Hit the islands for the optimal seafood. And if you like Greek food, you'll like Israel, which has a cuisine that largely seems to mimic Greece. Also great local produce for the freshest tastes. Meat lovers downgrade a notch due to some kosher food interruption.

I grew up in NYC, so variety to me is standard. NYC has variety, a few of the best of the best, and so much new starts there. I got to try places like Il Mulino (the original in Greenwich Village), Peter Luger, etc, multiple times on an expense account, which of course is key.

Living in London is fine, but food is expensive and substandard. I tended towards the multitudes of ethnic restaurants, indian, egyptian, etc. as there are well-entrenched communities there and the food to match. But I wouldn't call it a food mecca.

The Philippines has surprisingly bad food for a country with such fresh ingredients. Great fresh fruit though. Stick to the grill and perhaps some sinigang for me. Australia wasn't overly impressive from a food standpoint either, though its a terrific country for drinking wine (in the east). Too much heritage british cooking, deep frying a decent piece of fish with some chips is no way to treat a visitor.

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Place with the best food

Havent stepped foot Asia

Best: París, Copenhagen (the high end here is phonominal)
Worst: London, Buenos Aires

In terms of price per meal, you cant beat Mexico, (outside the tourist zones) not easy to find a truly great meal, but absolutely imposible to find a bad one.

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