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How do you friendzone a girl?

How do you friendzone a girl?

Hey guys, I found myself in a conundrum.

There's this girl I've been seeing the last couple weeks. She's alright, I knew she was kind of crazy before I started seeing her, but I didn't really care because I knew she put out. Fact is, I didn't know how bad she was until after I slept with her.

After I heard she was a rabbit-boiler, I backed off a bit, but one night we were drinking and before I knew it, I was fucking her on my friend's mattress. This girl is a nympho and she does her best to please me, but the biggest problem is that (ever since the condom broke once), I can't cum at all. Earlier this morning I went for an hour and a half with nothing to show for it but a smelly room. I had to finish myself off in the shower. While this makes for a funny story, I'm very frustrated about the whole thing.

My friends also don't like her one bit, but she's obsessed as hell about me. It's not a facebook official type relationship, but she still considers me her boyfriend. I'm not getting out of this relationship what I want and she seems to have some emotional problems that I don't really care to deal with. In any other situation, I'd tell her to straight-up leave, but I'm on a very small campus and she would probably be crazy enough to stalk me or something. I'd really rather that she didn't do something self destructive because I left her.

The biggest reason why I got into this "relationship" was because I'm currently too busy with school to really chase women with results, and the logistics of chasing women here are terrible. I also don't have a really big "social circle" which is necessary for college game and I consider college girls to be pretty worthless as far as acting like real women is concerned. I'm definitely going to pursue women more seriously after I get out of college, so this relationship is more of a lazy way of getting what I want without much effort.

So my question is, how do I get her to lose all attraction for me and how do I do it to make it look like it's my fault? I figure the best way to do it would be to relate the problem to my inability to get off or make it look like she'd be better off without me, but at this stage I don't think she'd go for that. I'm willing to wait until the end of the semester, since I probably won't be at the college during the summer or during the first semester (that's about an 8 month period of time, which should be more than enough time for her to get over it). I'm doing my best to hammer out her bad behavior and she seems to listen to me for the most part.

The scariest thing is that she tells me that I'm the best she's ever had and she has implied marriage more than once. I have a couple months to think about it, but I really don't know what the hell I'm going to do. Marriage is the last thing on my mind and it's probably something I'll only do when I'm older and scared of dying alone, but not now.

How do you friendzone a girl?

Let's just be friends?

"A flower can not remain in bloom for years, but a garden can be cultivated to bloom throughout seasons and years." - xsplat

How do you friendzone a girl?

Tariq Nasheed Advice:

Hit her up for money everytime you see her. She will eventually break up with you or she will give you some paper atleast. Its a win/win

How do you friendzone a girl?

You shouldn't care what your friends think. You need to break yourself of that real quick.

Your default response for situations like this should be, "It would never work out". Just keep fucking her. I've been with plenty of crazy chicks. They're all talk. She won't do anything. Just don't get her pregnant. Get her on the pill.

Team Nachos

How do you friendzone a girl?

You are better off distancing yourself completely from her, and just tell her you are not interested in a relationship at all right now. You are not sexually attracted to her, so it will no work. And there is nothing worse than a pseudo-friendship/relationship with a girl you have already banged. Eventually you or her will cut off communication completely, why delay the inevitable, and have all the weird drama in between that goes with it. I believe a guy and a girl cannot be good friends, someone will end up wanting to hook up or liking the other person and the feeling may not be mutual.

Word from the Wise - GB

How do you friendzone a girl?

I'd recommend:

- keep banging her, but more infrequently
- asshole game. make it clear you only want her as a sex toy, be a dick to her, dont text back make your meetings only for sex, if she tells you about some dude hitting on her ask her sincerely why she didnt get his number. etc.
- go after other girls and network with dudes
- keep up your studies. if she asks why you arent spending as much time with her its because you have to study (with the hottie in your econ class of course).

This girl sounds like an on again/off again fuck buddy I have. These kinds of girls get their stalk on quick. The trick is to control the time/location of your interactions, dont bring her around your friends and don't hangout with hers. If shes truly obsessed with you she'll stay around even if you hold her at a distance and only use her for sex. She will begin to rationalize your actions because she still gets your alpha cock from time to time.

The reason I'm suggesting banging her still is because you said you would have a tougher time logistically of getting laid. Its always nice to have someone around to bust a nut in during midterms. No better study break/stress relief than sex.

How do you friendzone a girl?

How to Un-Pick up Girls

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