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What is Torrent?

What is Torrent?

I admit it, I am technically challenged.

So maybe u younger guys can help me out.

I have seen it mentioned on the forum, and a few questions:

Is it legal?
Can I use it to dowload pimsueler language courses?
Is it free?
Is there software involved?
what other things can you get? Music, movies, videos?


What is Torrent?

Legal: Torrents in themselves are legal. Usually the file you're tryin to download isn't.
Pimsleur: Yes you probably can download this.
Software: You need a bit torrent client such as bittorrent, utorrent or azureus to download
Music, movies, video can all be downloaded. Try or

You need to download the client first, then the torrent file. The torrent client does the rest of the work.

Generally you find newly released items download faster since less people share older stuff. Therefore its important to note the torrent health.

I hope it makes sense.

Edit: utorrent is free.

What is Torrent?

This is an email I sent to a buddy in the past, its unaltered so if it reads a little funny thats why:

Okay, follow these instructions and you can use it to download basically anything you want.

1. Go to
2. Click the "downloads" button
3. Download V1.1 NOT BITLORD PRO
4. Install that
5. Go to and search for whatever

To show you whats what, do a torrentz search for Linkin Park, a big list of various downloads will come up, on the screen you will see this information, in this order, going from left to right:

File Name
Seeders (the green number)

-Besides the file name to help you find what you need, the most important information is the Peers, this is how many people are contributing to sharing the file. The higher that number is the faster your download will go.
-Age helps when looking for movies, if something just hit DVD, but the age of the file is like 6 months its probably a screener and most likely shitty quality
-Size can be useful to, if you go to download a CD and its like 500mb something is up, or it has a video or something else with it

Now click the second hit for "linkin park" Should be "Linkin Park A Thousand Suns 2010 pLAN9 » audio music" is actually a meta engine, it searches other search sites for you, so when you click a file it'll give you all the websites that the torrent file is being hosted at.

Trustworthy websites:

The Pirate Bay (this should be your first choice if listed)
BT Junkie

Pretty much all the sites that will give you are good, but those are usually the best, less ads, fast loading and usually legit files

Now, click the link, this will take you to that sites page for this file.

Even the best torrent sites are full of bullshit, you'll learn this quickly, lots of fake download links that'll take you to an add. Dont look for just "download" as on this page, its a big green button, but its bullshit. On any site you should look for "download torrent"

Right click "download torrent" and save the file, should be Linkin_Park-A_Thousand_Suns-2010-pLAN9.5816956.TPB I would make a folder just for torrents, the actual torrent file itself (the .TPB) is very small, and if you save em its easy to go back and download music you may lose or accidentally delete.

Now open that file you saved, it should automatically open up bitlord and then another window with lots of files and check boxes. The window with the check boxes is a list of all the files that will be downloaded when you run that torrent. As I said earlier sometimes you'll get CDs that include a music video or some other bullshit you dont really need, you can uncheck the box of that specific file and it wont download it. This'll make your overall download faster which is good because with torrents you cant access the songs or movies or whatever you're downloading until its 100% finished.

So with this file everything is good, you dont need to uncheck anything. (there are some extra files in there like album art and some .txt files but those arent a big issues)

Now hit Ok, the download will queue up in Bitlord and start going.

Now the CD is downloading, if you want to stop or pause the download just right click the download task. This file has a really high seeder count so its gonna download at break neck speed. Should be almost 1000kb/s Now that kind of download speed will bog down your internet because all your bandwidth is going towards the download, you can set a max upload/download amount so that this doesnt happen.

The CD should download pretty quickly, once its done it'll read 100% and the little green emblem next to the task will turn into an orange arrow. This means you're now seeding the file back into the webernet, now if you wanna be a broseph you can leave it to seed a little bit, the pirating world will thank you, if not you must remove the task from Bitlord or you wont be able to use the files because "another program is using them"

So, now right click the task and mouse over "remove" and then click "task only" on the fly out menu. The other is "task and all files" this does just what it says, it'll remove the task from Bitlord and delete anything downloaded.

Bitlord will automatically save anything you download into a "downloads" folder, to get to it go to:

My Computer -> C: -> Program Files (or Program Files x86 if you're on Vista) -> Bitlord -> Downloads

What I do is just make a shortcut to the downloads folder and put it on my desktop and then make other folders, music, movies, pr0n, ect and move the files myself as I download them

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What is Torrent?

If you're on a Mac, use Transmission as your torrent client. It's lightweight, simple and easy to use, yet has a lot of useful features.

What is Torrent?

This video is about how to use a torrent client called BitTorrent but the same concepts can be applied to downloading torrents in general:

And after you learn about torrents...

go here:

cheggit dot net

thank me later.

What is Torrent?

Quote: (02-10-2012 08:55 PM)Bronan the Barbarian! Wrote:  

If you're on a Mac, use Transmission as your torrent client. It's lightweight, simple and easy to use, yet has a lot of useful features.

I also recommend Utorrent

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