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Econ brahs (q's about thailand's economy)

Econ brahs (q's about thailand's economy)

Hey guys,

Had to pick a SE Asian country to do a presentation on tomorrow, and I of course picked Thailand.

Any help is much appreciated. Useful information would be:

The structure of Thailand's fiscal system, ie. levels of government (local, central) and their responsibilities.

Revenue sources used by each level, govt expenditures and revenues

Effectiveness and coverage of public services.

What aspects of fiscal system are working, possible problem areas, and possible reforms.

And perhaps most useful, where I can get this information myself.

Also, I've compiled all this info.. any info as to how I can interpret it for a presentation would be great:


General Stats -
GDP Growth7.8%

Current economic conditions -
Per Capita GDP: $4,608 – indicates countries standard of living
GDP Growth Rate: 7.8%
Total Debt: 28.6% of GDP = $91,190,241,620
Exports: 68.4% of GDP = $218,091,347,093
Imports: 57.8% of GDP = $184,293,565,233
Inflation Rate: 3.6%
Exchange Rate: 1 Baht = $32

Thanks a lot, guys!

Econ brahs (q's about thailand's economy)

I don't know the answer to your questions, but your exchange rate is reversed. It is 32 baht to the dollar, or close to that.

Econ brahs (q's about thailand's economy)

CIA World Factbook is a good place to start.

Why don't you ask your teachers about what resources are available to you?

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Econ brahs (q's about thailand's economy)


Econ brahs (q's about thailand's economy)

This forum is not for dong your school homework.

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