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What is "game" to you?

What is "game" to you?

Roosh had an excellent post a while back that said game boils down to "Being interesting" and "being cool"

Quote: (02-05-2012 01:28 PM)Roosh Wrote:  

A lot of the game advice you read on my blog or others encompass a wide range of actions and behaviors, including body language, tonality, humor, grooming, story telling, touching, attitude, teasing, and so on. There’s dozens of topics and these days you can find pick-up blogs exclusively to something specific like style or cooking. That’s because game is like sports—it can be discussed without end to infinity. The cat has definitely been let out of the bag and I’m confident that demand for game knowledge will be strong until the end of time.

That said, most things you learn about game are really teaching you just two things:

1. Being interesting

2. Being cool

That’s tight game right there. (I can easily argue that other things compose tight game like persistance and the logistical know-how to get a girl inside a bedroom, but they are not absolutely essential.)

Being interesting is simply being able to arouse a woman’s interest. This comes from telling good stories to negging, to dancing well or making her laugh. A year ago a man told me that all you needed to do to get laid was give a girl “good chat.” The problem is most guys can’t have interesting conversation. They can’t show their positive traits in an intriguing way. They have no experiences to talk about. Their lifestyle is nothing to be emulated or desired.

Being cool is more about not doing awkward things. This begins with the elimination of weird mannerisms and body language problems and ends with having a presence that other people are simply drawn into it. This is a lot more difficult to teach. I can easily tell a guy to not lean in or have a feminine posture, but that’s only half of it. The other half will magically come (I’m being serious) as his confidence goes up and he starts banging a lot of women. It simply falls into place.

If you are interesting and cool then you’re a man who has a quality woman or fucks a lot of girls. If you’re only interesting than you’re the stereotypical shlub who lands a homely Peace Corp girl with that go-getter attitude (“Must get a graduate degree before we have Connor!”). If you’re only cool then you’ll get trashy skanks or club rats (not necessarily a bad thing).

If pretty girls are not regularly attracted to you then you’re not interesting and/or cool. Maybe to your guy friends you are, but to the female race you are not and therefore you will not be rewarded by pussy. Learning game is nothing but an indirect but necessary means to being interesting and cool. When you read a new line or routine, you’re just mimicing the act of being interesting or cool.

I still haven't seen a more practical definition of game. what do you consider game to be?

What is "game" to you?

I consider game an approach on the psychology of women to obtain sexual results. All this through good speaking, good body language and good confidence.

Maybe I should expand more on that.

What is "game" to you?

Interesting topic.

I think bitches are on a distribution curve

#1 - hell no, there's no way i'm fucking him
#2 - Maybe, i'd fuck him, maybe
#3 - God, i want to fuck him, I don't care about anything else

What game does is move more chicks from Group #1 into group #2, and chicks from group #2 into group #3. (i've seen some other game-ologist describe this with a graph)

And since women are so different yet so much the same, improving your life in any one of the sub-disciplines of the game will bring results

- make more money
- have more time
- work out and eat right
- dressing well
- develop skills and hobbies
- travel

^those alone will get you more poon.

Now add the practical aspects of bedding broads
- finding bitches
- getting the courage to walk up to bitches
- opening and hooking bitches
- qualifying bitches
- screening bitches for your purposes
- developing rapport and comfort
- increasing the sexual tension
- managing the logistics
- fucking the ever living shit out of her
- managing her expectations
- managing your own

These specific skills skyrocket your notch count and quality.

Couple the 2 together, a good and interesting life with the technical skills and experience of short game fucking....

Game isn't the key to happiness though. But there's been enough ink spilled on the seducer's dilemma.

What is "game" to you?


I consider game an approach on the psychology of women to obtain sexual results.

This is it. Any attempt I've seen ( like Roissys ) to elaborate on this seems to weaken this statement. That said, i like points you made WestIndianArchie.

What is "game" to you?

"Game" is putting out the maximum of what you have to get the maximum of what you want out of life.

Anyone who sees game only from the context of women, needs to start over.

What is "game" to you?

"Thinking like a bitch, without acting like one."

I like that, but to me it also encompasses taking control of my own life. Seeing myself take control of my sex life gives me the confidence to take control of other areas of my life, in an eternal quest for awesomeness.

Also, it entails ignoring conventional advice.

21 y/o brit.

What is "game" to you?

Game is start,middle, end.You have to keep this order in mind.During conversation be interesting.That is calibrating the girl quickly and stimulate her.Not every girl needs the same amount of stimulation.Turn temperature up and down tell interesting stories and make humorous comments.Humour differs according to girls nationality.For example Scandinavian girls like our heavy Balkan humour.Russian not so much.Polish like irony.
For example I was introduced to a gorgeous Swedish girl ten years ago.I asked her "do you belong to new Age movement? When she answered no I told her "then you do not drink your urine."The Swedish blonde burst out laughing she was laughing for at least five minutes and almost fell off the chair.This is the kind of humour which makes other nationalities angry so always calibrate.
Humour with polish girl(example of Greek humour).She:If we catch you again with another woman we will cut of your balls.(this is polish humor).Me:Then I will put on new ones with screws(this is Greek humor she starts laughing again do not use it if other nationalities are present).

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