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New theory of LTRs confirmed by Canadian study

New theory of LTRs confirmed by Canadian study

Considerng this is a panel-data study, I think 170 observations are too few to submit as iron-clad evidence, but still:

Women's sexual desire falls for each month an LTR lasts.

Any corrolaries from men who have been in LTRs who managed to keep the spark alive?

I'd like to see a study on how much sexual desire in women falls with 1) loyal partners or 2) partners who cheat.

Having taken the red-pill, I'm guessing that women in category 2 will have a higher SD than their sisters who enjoy loving and loyal relationships. As Roissy put it so succintly: stablity and predictability are DEATH to a women's sexual desire.

You must wreak chaos in her life (emotional chaos, that is).

A year from now you'll wish you started today

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