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What do you talk to women about?

What do you talk to women about?

Quote: (03-23-2012 03:14 AM)Greek kamaki Wrote:  

Sometimes complete nonsense also helps due to chick logic.For example I may ask:

Do you believe in tarot or slavic astrology?I think slavic astrology is the real deal tarot is fake.

Or do you think that men with Roman haircut are more sexy?

Greek chavale style:

I liked her rich exterior world(meaning her breasts because women usually say you should notice the woman's interior world).

Hi dolls,are these for real or do you wear wonderbras?-They are natural.-How do you prove it?Do they stand while lying on the beach?(this is for plastic breast).

Or tell me do you prefer black stockings or white stockings?

-I do not wear stockings.

-You wear fishnets to match your stiletto heels?

-I do not wear stilettos.

-So you prefer these high boots?

-I do not like high boots.

-Then you wear your leggings above or under your socks?

-I do not wear leggings.-

Damn you must be an American then who likes flip flops

.-I am not an American.

-Are you from England?

-No.Are you from Switzerland?-No.

-Are you from Luxemburg?

-No.-Really?You reminded me of Luxemburgian girls.

-How do Luxemburgian girls look?

-Very beautiful.

-I am from Hungary.

-Oh,I see you eat the salami etc.

Haha! Perfect!

I've learned to not talk to girls about anything too serious or deep. Keep it superficial!

What do you talk to women about?

Talking to Greek women:
-Girls since you are here we will get to get acquainted with you.
-Ha ha.He says since you are here we will meet you.
-Of course.Do you like tzatziki?(sauce ingredient of souvlaki with intense flavor really out of place question when you are in club and not in fast food).
-No,we eat souvlaki without tzatziki.
-Oh,you like children souvlaki.What about souvlaki with vodka?
-Vodka no.
-So you prefer Martini on the rocks with orange juice?
-No Martini.
-But you like the Martini man licking his lips don't you?
-He is not that handsome.
-All Greek girls like Italian men but we are more macho.Where are you from?
-(Name of provincial town)
-Nice cheese there is there not?
-Not only cheese.
-But cheese is exceptional.Do you milk a lot?
-In the village yes.But we are not for milking.
-I am sure you do not like to milk cows.You prefer other animals.
-Like what?
-Like donkeys.
-Milking donkeys?No way.
-Their milk is supposed to be very nutritional.Do you drink milk with coffee or coffee with milk?
-I drink Greek coffee.
-I like frape.It makes you a missile.When I was in America I could not find a real coffee it was a nightmare.I was all the time sleepy.Where was the Greek frappe.I asked some Americans:Seriously guys where can I find a coffee more serious than the juice here?They told me man,this is the strongest coffee we have here.Damn I will die from sleepiness.
-I like America.
-Me too.Although soccer is not much developed there.There are many interesting malls though.
-I have an uncle in America.
-I was in Chicago.Met Al Kapone personally.
-I met some Polish there.

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