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San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets

San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets

Let meet up Redbeard

I am the cock carousel

San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets

anyone been to PR lately? Heard things are much better now with recovery.

San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets

I just returned from a three day trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. I didn't go there for Game, but I happened to do a session each of nightgame and daygame, so I figured I'd write my findings.

I did some research on Swoop the World and the Roosh V Forums and pretty much no one had good things to say about Puerto Rico. The word was:

-There was no street volume
-Chicks were not impressed by you being white or American, and in fact it could be a negative
-Girls were generally not that attractive
-Puerto Rico had gone downhill since Hurricane Maria

Unfortunately, I have to confirm that all the above is true.

Gaming in San Juan is basically the same as gaming in a poor, majority-Latino neighborhood of mainland city in the south, like Dallas. Honestly, you might as well just do that and save yourself the trip.

The businesses are American chain stores. The money is American. The drivers licenses are American. There's not that much of an exotic foreign aspect to San Juan.

The girls are not particularly attractive (apparently they've all been fleeing the country since Maria). Just like an place, though, there are certainly gems. But it's not like it's that much better than any random American city — in fact, I'd say it's slightly worse.


The only possible place to do daygame is Plaza Las Americas mall, which is the largest mall in the Caribbean.

I rolled over there on a Monday evening. The first set I did was an ultra yes girl that agreed to meet me that night after the gym. We discussed it multiple times and she left the set saying "see you tonight". It was my best reception in over a year. I left the set excited to see that maybe the forums were wrong and maybe I did have frame here.


I then proceeded to get destroyed for the next 12 sets: blowout, boyfriend, boyfriend, husband, etc. In total I did 13 sets in 4 hours, which is pretty decent for a Monday.

The one thing that sucks is that the highest volume area of the mall, the front part by the entrance, is filled with cars and car salesman who are constantly watching. They had nothing better to do than to watch me approach. Major cockblock potential.

P.S. The gym girl ghosted. Obviously.


San Juan is much more of a nightgame city. I only went out Saturday night, but I read on RooshV that it's possible to go out most nights.

I wouldn't bother, though, because nightgame isn't particularly tenable.

Like most Latin American countries, there are lots of big mixed groups. People go out late and stay out late, until 4 or 5 AM, so your only chance to pull is then. On weekends, they drive into San Juan from all over, so your chance of pulling same night is reduced.

There are two nightgame areas:

La Placita is what you get if you combine (Austin references ahead) the music volume of Dirty Sixth, the look and feel of Rainey Street, and the crowd of the Domain, except twice as ghetto. I did about 7 approaches and barely any of them went past hello.

Old San Juan is the old colonial town with winding cobblestone streets and small, cramped, but vibey bars packed into a small nightlife district. Unfortunately, it's crawling with high schoolers, because the drinking age is 18. I barely approached at all, because there weren't any tenable approaches.

Online Game

My results were poor, worse than I would get in a comparable city in the United States.

I got one Hinge match and three Tinder matches in four days. None responded to the opener.

Don't Game Puerto Rico.

San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets

Good update.

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