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Game Goals vs today’s world

Game Goals vs today’s world


I posted about the difficulty of gaming NYC chicks and it got my wheels turning about the overall state of gaming and how it relates to today’s iPhone obsessed, #metoo culture.

Basic thoughts:

In the US, if you randomly approach a girl on the street or in a public setting that isn’t a bar (where she’s likely to be inebriated to some degree) you will most likely run into a wall. I’m not saying full-on “call the cops” trouble- and maybe I’m exaggerating a little- but my sense is that many, many girls are mistaking male forwardness for “inappropriate behavior” which depending on your age, social standing and looks, could simply be diluted with one word: creepy.

Dating apps have broken down the centuries-old male gaming tradition, so that every beta, every fat girl, every perfect 10 etc is on there essentially GAMING! look at bumble: the entire premise is a pseudo feminist conceit that girls should be the ones to take the initiative.

And this is the status quo now. The norm. People might complain that they wish they could meet someone the “normal way”. But guess what?? Go to any bar on any given night and look at what people are doing if they’re alone. Yup that’s right: they’re on their fucking phones swiping. And if you go up to a chick and just start gaming, EVEN IF SHE LIKES YOU, she’ll pull her phone out whenever there’s a 5 second pause in the conversation.

It’s the perfect shit storm: feminist entitlement (#metoo) matched with cocooning, isolating technology (iPhone).

Put them together and you have the death of good old real life gaming.

I’m strictly speaking about the US - latin countries never got the metoo memo and I doubt they ever will.

Am I way off here? V curious

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