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You need to man up for Valentines Day

You need to man up for Valentines Day

Quote: (02-15-2012 06:55 PM)Blackhawk Wrote:  

Quote: (02-15-2012 05:26 PM)Timoteo Wrote:  

Fucking them on a bed of rose petals...

Trader Joes was selling a dozen red roses for $12.50. No big deal.

They got put in a vase on her dining table. Which we admired while eating dinner, which she made.

We could have put rose petals on the bed ...but who wants to shred perfectly good flowers into petals?

I buy girls flowers sometimes. I buy flowers for my own home sometimes. Because at Trader Joes they're damn affordable. They have bouquets for $3.99. Just take the friggin' price tag off first before giving them as a gift. (It's even perforated so the price is easy to remove)

Restaurants: Overpriced, and hell to get reservations.
Chocolates: Hell no.
Valentine cards: No.
Ballons: Trashy. Immediately marks you as low class.
Stuffed Animals: Even more low class.
Flowers: If reasonably priced and nice looking, yes. Over $20, nope, since then you risk looking like a try-hard. If you're not sure if she has a flower vase, they have plenty of them used at Salvation Army for 50¢.

I am an advocate of affordable flowers and a simple meal at home on Valentine's Day.

That's also part of the problem with Valentine's Day. Roses from Trader Joe's also can mark you as cheap. And chicks can tell if you payed full ride at the florist, or got them from a grocery store or deli. If you're in a relationship, chicks WANT you to try hard on VDay.

"The best kind of pride is that which compels a man to do his best when no one is watching."

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