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Logistics: Unannounced Visits Edition.

Logistics: Unannounced Visits Edition.

Alright so I've been banging this girl for a month or two now. All is well in that department, but here is the thing I've been having trouble with: she lives in the same apartment as me, I occasionally run into her in the elevator or exiting the building. The main entrance to the building faces the main road. She also stops by unannounced every once and a while.

My place is also a 5 minute walk from 2 bars one of which is a complete whore-fest where its easy to bring girls back, and across the street from the main bus loop where I'd potentially bring a girl from in town.

I'm having trouble figuring out the logistics for this one. I have been banging another girl but she always asks why she can't come to my place and is getting suspicious about it. If I bring a girl through the main doors I risk running into my main girl, but if I bring them through the back doors and take the stairs or something the girl will wonder why I'm sneaking her in. Also if I bring a girl over I run the risk of a surprise visit (and I'm pretty sure the main girl isn't into a threesome).

I also have to take public transit so its a bitch to get anywhere super late if the busses stop running and some girls I've met still live with their parents so thats a no go (one time their grandpa drove me for 40 minutes home, worst cockblock ever)

ANYWAYS. To make this not a "this one girl" thread: I know cheating should not be done at your place, but how would you bring girls back to your place in this situation because of the superior logistics?

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