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Across from her in a booth? How to close the gap.

Across from her in a booth? How to close the gap.

I wanted to share a simple tip that's worked for me when I'm sitting across from a girl in a booth having drinks. Most of the time this is on a first date, where I start off across from her as to not "scare the cat."

After building some attraction, naturally you'll drop some interesting stories. In the middle of dropping a travel story (you do travel, right?) you offer to show her some photos of the event. Bust out your camera or smartphone, tell her to "scooch over," and sidle up next to her.

Boom, instant escalation. You're dropping DHV with fun photos of you having a blast in some foreign country or exciting city, you've got a bulletproof reason to be close to her, and then with the laughing and joking that goes along with telling fun stories and showing a picture of you dancing with a circle of Japanese guys, there will obviously be plenty of touching.

I did this once with a girl in Korea whom barely spoke a word of English, and 3 minutes later we were making out. Girls love pictures.

This may be a no-brainer to most of you, but it's a great tip to have in your arsenal if the logistics are there. It has worked literally every time for me. So whenever you go out, especially on a date, have some fun photos on standby, whether you just "happen" to have your camera in your coat pocket, or you have a smartphone with some gems in your photo gallery or on facebook.

Happy hunting!

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