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Bill gates pro vaccinations for children - oneforthecount - 11-06-2018

Bill gates is the worlds most active campaigner for mandatory vaccinations.Studies prove that he didn't have his children vaccinated but insists as well as the elites that the masses to have their kids vaccinated.

The same scenario is occurring with HPV STD vaccines for young girls.Theyre obliged to get them at school inviting them to lead a life of promiscuity not to mention the autism spectrum of problems that the vaccine can give one as a side effects.

Bill gates pro vaccinations for children - WonderKid666 - 11-07-2018

Bill "Philanthropy" Gates has always seemed off to me. I always knew he was an evil son of a bitch.

Bill gates pro vaccinations for children - Stirfry - 11-07-2018

There is as much evidence that vaccination causes autism as there is proving the existence of ghosts and aliens.

Bill Gates may be evil, but it would have nothing to do with his advocacy for vaccination (and more likely due to the shitty products churned out by his company).

Bill gates pro vaccinations for children - Truth Tiger - 11-18-2018

This brave researcher was arrested 7 years ago on this date - November 18, 2011 - for telling the truth with verifiable research on the role 'contaminants' played in people developing cancers and debilitating diseases tied to vaccines:

"25 million Americans are infected with the viruses that came out of labs into humans via contaminated blood and vaccines. I was fired, jailed without cause, without hearing, without any civil rights at all."

Learn about and question the safety of vaccines! For your and your children's health. And pass this video along.

She mentions the utter corruption of the 'vaccine court' which prevents pharma companies, doctors, and even the government from being sued. Fucking evil.

EDIT: also mentioned was this researcher, Suzanne Humphries, MD -

Bill gates pro vaccinations for children - The Beast1 - 11-20-2018

Fake news. She was arrested because she took stuff without permission from her employer. The charges were ultimately dropped.