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Deleted - TheScientist - 10-15-2018


Deleted - roberto - 10-15-2018

Good shout on improving your logistics. You could also head over to the Seeking Arrangement thread.

Be careful. There's a very fine line between that and P4P. I think you're heading down the right lines- spend the money on improving yourself (personal trainer is a great idea). Build an awesome lifestyle and the chicks will come to you.

Deleted - TheScientist - 10-15-2018


Deleted - WalletPaint - 10-15-2018

Hire a fashion specialist to tell you how to dress and look dapper. Shoes and clothes can make a huge difference.

Go to barber shops for haircuts. They really know how to make the best out of your hair and beard.

Get a subscription to a good gym. Lift heavy and eat, and when you get some mass, start cutting. Low body fat%= jawline+veins => poosy.

What are your hobbies? Get to know your local circles and join them. For example, you like photography? Get a nice mirrorless camera and join a local photography club or go to photography classes. Nothing makes a girl more interested in you than honest passion for what you're doing.

Deleted - realologist - 10-15-2018

Oh you wish this was delete.

Deleted - Brother Abdul Majeed - 10-15-2018

For a fee of $10,000 a month, I'll hang out with you. Oh the hot chicks we will bang.