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Ljubljana, Slovenia (info needed) - Augerton - 10-11-2018

Hi all,

Next month I’ll head off to Ljubljana for the very first time. I’ve read the trip reports on the forum but since they are all quite old most of the information is outdated (clubs don’t exist anymore, etc.).

As soon as I get back I will write a brand new datasheet on Ljubljana. But for now, I’m need some advice on where to go (mostly for night game). Who can help me out? Thanks.

Ljubljana, Slovenia (info needed) - Doinkaldinho - 10-11-2018

I was there over the summer as part of a bigger trip. Apart from Friday and Saturday it was quite dead with only a handful of bars and clubs open. Friday and Saturday are busy but Ljubljana is a very small place. The bars by the river are a good place to start the night, there are also some ok options on the street where Cutty Sark pub is. Parliament Pub is a disco bar and was busy most nights, with a good outdoor sitting area. Shooters was a bit of a cockfest but worth a try. The main large club open at weekends is called Cirkus, this is where you'll find all the students and the very young crowd.

Ljubljana, Slovenia (info needed) - sinota - 10-11-2018

^Agreed, Cirkus was the best spot. Went back in '15. They had a Cuban themed night, so all the co-eds were into salsa/bachata/etc.

Aside from game, Slovenia was the most impressive country on my EE trip. Friendly people, nearly all young people speak English decently well. Lake Bled a nice getaway.

Ljubljana, Slovenia (info needed) - cerebro - 10-11-2018

Hey I was in Ljubljana earlier this year and I lucked out as it was a bank holiday best clubs were closed (circus klub) so make sure you check this. I didn't go top six because it seemed like a tourist trap. The bars I did visit were cutty Sark pub on Thursday my first night got talking to some ladies and we went to k4 after they had to share a cab home so no luck. There was potential but I went the next day and it was a cockfest.

I love gutter game so if you walk up to Jet bar there are a couple of bars there take a look or stay on that corner and see where the hot girls are going and you might want to step out early 9pm.

I went To holiday pub but I only saw dudes outside went in for one drink and left however I did go late as I usually leave 11pm/12am.

FYI on that road I was walking up to subway and there was a packed restaurant with a couple of decent chics sitting at. I don't know the name but it is 5 mins before subway.

I spent Saturday just bar hopping and you may want to check the city park nighttime the girls aren't all young but get the age question in asap if you are not sure.

Frks is a good place for locals yes it is a hole in the wall burger place but keep a eye out as I got talking to 3girls all hot with a dude no luck though.

If you want your hip-hop rnb then shooters bar.

Ljubljana was recommended to me by a friend and it had potential I just picked the wrong weekend as it was literally cockfest and the girls I spoke to confirm this. It was the first time I have been to a capital were the main clubs closed on Fri/sat because of bank holiday.

I would go again but not solo as the price I paid for apartment and flight was cheap I was staying around the corner from k4. Also the quality of the girls I did speak to makes it worth a second look.

Ps K4 has a lot of dudes but they have no game. You go there and see any girl you like go talk straight away.

If I remember anything else I will add sorry I couldn't give you more

Life is what you make it NAS

Ljubljana, Slovenia (info needed) - DigitalNomad - 10-11-2018

The pub crawl was a blast when i was there in 2016. They go to some decent spots where you can meet locals as well. I think it goes every day but Sunday. Technically you don’t have to pay for it, you can just tag along and bounce when need be.

Ljubljana, Slovenia (info needed) - Augerton - 10-12-2018

Thanks guys, great info. I'll be sure to check it out! As soon as I'm back I'll post a new datasheet.