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Will crying inevitably destroy your alpha image? - Mariner - 09-17-2018

Many interesting replies. Since too many of them are directed at me, I wont quote each asker and just answer more or less chronologically.

The fact that I'm asking shows that i'm not ashamed of asking, is it not? Just because it is a sensitive matter I expected some predictable answers of course, but there is a value still.

To those who are split on "just be yourself" and "no-no, think what she will think", there is no choice actually. I will be in first group in LTR and in second group in casual relationships. I am perfectly able to go through a date while keeping control, but right now in LTR I want a partner who really knows me and influenced by me.

To those who say hide. I was married and got divorced already, and whenever I felt I cant hold out any longer I asked my wife to leave the room or quickly left the house on made-up excuses. So I guess I followed the advice of the stoic posters from this thread with one condition - sorry guys, but I physically cannot prevent this, only hide from sight. If I am allowed to.

I am not trying to be someone I'm not, I'm trying to make the girl think I'm someone I'm not. Big difference. I just lie because that is what is expected of me by women.

Will crying inevitably destroy your alpha image? - asdfk - 09-17-2018

If you cannot stop youraelf, be willing to pay the price. I personally think it is very "beta" to hide your flaws. God knows I have many.

Women want a strong guy with flaws. You have to pick a woman that thinks your flaws are endearing..

The other day, I was walking with a girl and we saw a puppy. I became ecstatic because I grew up around dogs and it was cute. (I am European)

In the book of "alpha", expressing this is not done. So i went over the top. I played with the puppy for a good two minutes. Afterwards she commented how my face lighted up and I saw in her eyes it struck a note. We ended up fucking in a public place shortly after that.

Keep in mind that not all girls will think that caring for animals is a good trait. Some people hate dogs. Some girls will think you are a fag.

If you can't hide it, own it. Go over the top.

On an other note: I think you should seek help. The lack of emotional control does not sound healthy.

Will crying inevitably destroy your alpha image? - JackinMelbourne - 09-18-2018

Cranking is still ok yes? (crying while wanking)

Will crying inevitably destroy your alpha image? - Mariner - 09-18-2018

Quote: (09-17-2018 09:46 PM)asdfk Wrote:  

On an other note: I think you should seek help. The lack of emotional control does not sound healthy.

Thanks for stopping short of suggesting punitive psychiatry for a mere emotional non-conformism. This won't fly however, as its probably genetic. All my immediate relatives on my mother's line are like this. Our quarrels were always as stormy as Bollywood movie.

Will crying inevitably destroy your alpha image? - asdfk - 09-18-2018

Troll. I didnt suggest anything of the sort.

Will crying inevitably destroy your alpha image? - Cup_Cake - 09-18-2018

Quote: (09-16-2018 05:33 PM)Mariner Wrote:  

I am borderine neurotic who is damn too sensitive. Coming from lower beta background, I managed to get myself in order and upgrade. However, not only I still get wasted with tears when watching overdramatized movies like Braveheart or Green Mile, but I can shed a tear or two even when watching something emotionally intense like couple dancing a tango.

I never cried in a girl's presence, but I have to supress it from time to time. This need often catches me when things are going my way with the girl I like - I get overwhelmed with feelings. While this never spoiled my act, I get depressed due to having to hide this.

I have heard Italians and some other Mediterraneans are OK with crying, is this true? I mean is it OK for their alphas to cry, or is it a myth and its a soy boy thing even there?

Finally, whats your personal opinion - can you be alpha while not being stoic, or will such deed forever destroy whatever perception of you the girl had before?

So I have a story that happened to as recently as yesterday. I am seeing this girl, I have already banged her say 2 weeks ago for the first time. She comes back this weekend and then we have sex; Sunday morning she decides she wants to stay the night again because she is only starting her lectures in the afternoon. At some point in the game, I asked her if she could cook and she couldn't stop trying to prove herself. We decide, lets go to the supermarket to buy all the ingredients so that she can show me over a dinner. She makes the best dinner I have ever had, and during the course of her cooking the dinner; I am drinking my favorite wine because I told her I am not going to help you cook since it should be your hand only that should proof itself. By the time dinner eating comes I am bit drunk and we start discussing about family and I tell her a story of how I went to visit my sister who I had not seen in years and found her sick. I burst into tears and then she holds me saying, "Sometimes being a men means being vulnerable, you can go ahead and cry" because I was trying to hold it. Morning comes, she gives me a mouth watering blowjob..she takes a shower before she leaves and she fucks me again on the chair; while driving her to campus she says that last banging was the best so far. So I think it all depends on the context. I would never cry in front of a girl I haven't fucked but If I have already fucked you, What the Fuck! I can be myself again!

Will crying inevitably destroy your alpha image? - Simeon_Strangelight - 09-18-2018

[Image: 217805b5-c961-4413-bb55-feffa34124a0.gif]

It depends on the context and the reason for crying.

When she gives you a shit-test, then you can say: "I will cry over the death my dog or cat, but when you die, then I will be humming while I think about the hotter younger pussy I will be ploughing soon."

Will crying inevitably destroy your alpha image? - Batman_ - 09-18-2018

If you are quite sad and depressed or otherwise experiencing intense emotions, it's probably better to let it out. Otherwise if you push it down it will simply resurface in other areas of your behavior. However, I think crying should be a private behavior, otherwise you'll just start a pity party. There is zero benefit in having people pity you.

There are different ways of crying, too. Silently and calmly crying as a cathartic experience is a lot different than wallowing in self pity and escalating the situation.

I never cry around other people under any circumstances, but once in a blue moon when I'm home alone and it's late at night, certain music can move me to tears, and I cherish those moments for making me feel something.

Will crying inevitably destroy your alpha image? - montaigne - 09-23-2018

If you're very good looking in the face, or very good looking in the body with lots of height and an average or better face, crying is just cute to girls I think, they can idealise the moment and tell their friends about how full-bodied and 'real' you are.

If you're like most men though who aren't Chad (all my friends are chads, so i get to observe a lot, including how i'm treated by girls around them) - you lose attraction for crying, for getting angry, for getting uptight or stressed, for getting romantic. That is unless you find a rare girl in a niche who specifically likes romance etc. which is possible. With the average guy, any show of emotion is seen as weakness. For an above average looking guy, a show of emotion doesn't weaken him, since he's stronger than us socially due to being Chad (for lack of better terms.) A woman wants a man who makes her feel safe; above all that's what she wants; whether physically, emotionally, financially, etc. If i'm a 5'5 skinny guy, is it in my best interest to cry, even around other men? No; it's in my best interested to essentially be stoic, and if i need to cry, go to that one friend who's on that same sensitive wavelength. There's nothing wrong with bottling up your cry as long as you do get it out later. You don't become a monster for knowing how to suppress a reaction for 5 hours.

I think the conclusion really is if you're Chad you can do what you want, it doesn't effect anything, live your life as you want to - but for the average guy who's putting gaming a girl above being real in the moment, absolutely no you can't cry. It'll freak the girl out in so many ways, especially the idea in her head that you're potentially forging a super tight bond by crying, and beyond that even, you've put her in the position of strength - of needing to protect (you), which triggers a flight response to a degree inside of her. She doesn't want that responsibility, of suddenly being someone you count on - not even the closest girlfriend or wife wants that - it must be clear that you're basically dad, and she's basically daughter, unless you want her to lose attraction and stick around out of nothing but loyalty.

The key of course is just finding your niche, your place where women are wired slightly to your liking, so you can start banging and loving and whatevering women who'll at the very least, overlook and dismiss your moments of opening up emotionally. She'll be there for you in the moment, and maybe the few hours following - but she'll expect you to snap back to normal quite quickly, and pretend what happened never happened. That's simply the psychology of women. Even if you're crying tears of joy she'll think something's changed, something inside of you has snapped and gone wrong, unless you reel it in and then balance it with some humour or stereotypical masculine energy.

Will crying inevitably destroy your alpha image? - Geomann180 - 09-24-2018

The short answer:

1. Don't worry about your 'alpha' image.
2. Don't cry.

The medium answer:

The answer is complicated due to several factors including your culture, hers, the context, how you cry, and how much. If you're at a funeral and you let a few tears slip, she'll see you as a human being with emotion (who expresses it at appropriate times!). If you're a blubbering wreck after getting rejected, a minor setback, your ice cream cone falling to the ground, you may as well start over with someone new because you'll look like a giant pussy. And like Linux said, sometimes you may hurt inside, you may really want to cry, have a good reason to, but ya gotta suck back the tears and get things done. Don't cry about anything she does or has happen to her as a general rule.


Will crying inevitably destroy your alpha image? - ViberOne - 09-25-2018

Mike Tyson cried before one of his boxing games (caught on tape), cause he was afraid he'll lose. He still killed it afterwards

Will crying inevitably destroy your alpha image? - General Stalin - 09-25-2018

This is heavily contextual.

Short answer is: strong men cry when it is appropriate.

Are Cpt. Blocker and Corp. Woodson betas in this scene because they're crying?

Now if you're a bitch and cry all the time at gay shit - yeah you'll be seen as a low-T high-E softy who's a closet homsexual.