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Starting over - TheMan - 02-07-2012

I've been doing this for quite some time now actually, but have not progressed least not as much as I'd like.

I want to "empty my cup" and start over.

Where should I start?

Starting over - WesternCancer - 02-07-2012

First make goals and plan how you will achieve those goals. I have long term (within 10 years) medium term (by the end of the year) and short term (monthly).

for example one of my goals is to hit a 315squat by the end of the year, I am doing this by training regularly following a workout routine and diet. Constantly reading on the subject.

I found that I just needed to take a step back and evaluate where I was in life, and what will make me happy. Think about all of the things you want to change and just do it.

As for starting over I'd sell off anything you no longer need such as old books, videogames, movies, clothes etc. If you start with the bare essentials you'll have no choice but to grow, I wouldn't suggest buying lots of stuff either. Try to eliminate all debt, re-evaluate your finances to fit your goals. etc. etc.

another thing that has helped me is picking 3 goals to complete by the end of the day ie. finish book x, plan trip to somewhere, approach 5 girls etc.
don't be afraid to change your longer term goals to fit the person you are growing in to.

You also won't be able to change everything you want at once, it takes time and dedication. I'd reccomend a shotgun approach for at least a month. Figure out a whole bunch of goals and try to do them all. You will fail most of them, but the ones you see progress in will be the first goals you complete. For me it was my health. I wanted a lot of other things but I found that keeping a morning/night routine kept me on track with my workouts and my workouts motivated me to eat healthier. With this approach some things just help the other ones happen. I'm still fine tuning this routine but once it is established it will just be a part of your life and you can gradually add more and more things you want to do.

Hope this helps.

Starting over - CJ - 02-07-2012

Start a journal/blog or just jot down notes after you go out on what out on what you did/didn't do. Overtime it will become evident where you're lacking.

Starting over - mofo - 02-07-2012

Good luck!

Starting over - Chad Daring - 02-07-2012

Self improve. Take a month off, dont worry about women, just jerk it and figure out what needs fixing. I've had to do this a few times now. I'll find the flaw thats holding me back, spend 3-5 weeks working on it, either fix it or get myself on the track to getting it fixed, feel like a fucking boss because I did so and dive back in and win win win.

Starting over - TheMan - 02-07-2012

Wow, thank you guys.

Well, Mofo, I've already done your points 1 through 4 and will definitely start implementing the rest as well as WC's planning idea.

Also a good Idea CJ, (this will also encourage me to not drink so much/at all when heading out).

Chad you're right, I agree 100% taking a step back is exactly what I need to do.

Thanks again guys [Image: smile.gif]