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San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets - Nacirema - 02-02-2012

First, I wanna say thanks to forum member Pete for looking out for me when I was in PR. This data sheet wouldn’t be complete without mentioning him.

PR is a place that I have had an interest in since a young age. I had always enjoyed what I knew of the food, music and culture from the PR communities on the East Coast. I was also fairly sure that the weather and beaches had to be nicer, on average, than the places of my upbringing on the East Coast. Furthermore, I enjoy boxing and the island is known to have some of the best training and fighters in the world.

Until lately, I decided to put off any type of trip to PR until later because Colombia and Peru presented better opportunities to meet my previous goal of becoming more proficient in Spanish in the shortest time possible. I knew that PR is not a great place to study Spanish, because there is a lot of Spanglish and slang spoken there.

Now I do speak Spanish at a level that I am cool with, and since I had the month of January free from “brick and mortar” obligations, I decided it would be an optimal choice, especially over freezing my ass off in my NYC base of operations.

I rented out a furnished apartment in a one of the most walkable sections of San Juan. I put myself close enough to the beach and nightlife, but far enough away from other tourists to get an idea of how the city really moves. Adding to my experience of the city and its people was the fact that I trained at a boxing gym in a municipality on the peripheral of the San Juan metro area, while living in the center. This let me experience a few very different areas of the metro area on a daily basis.

I also got the opportunity to travel around the east side and interior of PR a bit, and it was magnificent enough that I am sure to come back here for another trip just to see more of it.

Everything that I have written here is from my experience; I mostly leave the speculation out of it, in favor of actionable intelligence, developed by I have seen with my own eyes. If write about a hotel, and I did not stay there, then I at least chilled in the bar or casino.

Before You Think About Going

The beaches and nature are top notch.
The boxing gyms are killer.
The people, music and party vibe are all easy to enjoy.

These alone are all excellent reasons to come to PR, and they were plenty for me, before I got on the airplane in NYC.

As far as the girls go: It’s not Colombia, but there are plenty of pretty and friendly girls.

However, if you are a foreign man, with no local connections, looking mostly to come for a short period of time to hook up with Puerto Rican girls, you must ask yourself two questions before you go:

The first is “Do I speak Spanish?”

If the answer is “Yes”, go to the next question.

If you do not speak Spanish, the deck will be stacked hard against you here. They see a million boring, drunk, cruise ship type tourists come and go every day that don’t speak Spanish and dance like complete retards when Salsa comes on. PR chicks will automatically lump you in with them until you prove otherwise.

The second is “Are you operating at a high level of game, yes or no?”

When I say game, I mean the whole package, in the conventional sense. I mean looks, style, money, worldly experience, conversational technique and confidence. If you are not playing strong, you are going to have a hard time with the chicks here. If you have at least 4 of these things, I’m still going to be honest and tell you it’s not easy.

There are places in the world where the fat, ugly, broke slob in flip flops gets to walk around with a reasonably hot chick. Puerto Rico is not that place.


Although Puerto Rico is a distinct nation with its own culture, it is an American Territory; therefore American citizens do not need a passport to come here.

Non-American citizens will need to follow all of the same rules and visa requirements that they would have to follow to go to any other part of the US.


PR is a Spanish speaking island and some important things are worth noting.

English is widely spoken here, but DO NOT expect it.

If you are a native English speaker, but you know Spanish, you can think of the English speaking Puerto Ricans that you will frequently run into as a treat that makes your life a little easier. If you show them that you speak some Spanish, they will respect you for it, probably more so than in any other Latin country I have been to.

People don’t expect you to speak or understand Spanish, so if they don't speak English, they may try to avoid talking to you. When you do speak Spanish, they are often very happy about it and open up quickly.

Breakdown of Urban Social Geography of San Juan Metro Area

Touristy Areas

Old San Juan- This is the breath taking colonial center of the city, a place that is packed with people from cruise ships, but is also packed with party people from all over the metro area and the rest of island on the weekends. A good portion of these people will be people from the barrios (bad neighborhoods and public housing). A good portion of those chicks are hot and friendly toward anybody who breaks the monotony of the guys they are used to.

The thing you need to do to make moves with these girls is differentiate yourself from the majority of the non-dancing, no game having, non-passport holding, non-Spanish speaking, shorts and flip-flops wearing tourists that she is used to seeing around there. If you can do that, it will cause a short circuit in her brain.

Condado, Isla Verde- These areas are in slightly different locations, but are pretty much the same. They have lots of hotels, some nightlife, lots of rich Puerto Rican people and Puerto Ricans trying to act rich, tourists, and nice beaches. They are also extremely Americanized, and English is most widely spoken in these places.

Wealthy Local Residential Areas:

Ocean Park- This place lies between Condado and Isla Verde. It is partially a gated beachside community of single homes and mansions. It is also my favorite beach in San Juan, both because of the beach itself, and the ease to meet hot local chicks.

Guaynabo- I only passed through here, but I met a lot of people in other parts of the city who are from here. It is basically the rich suburb of San Juan. Not many Americans live here, or ever see this place, yet a good portion of the signs are in English. Many of the local people in the Metro area hate on this municipality, and everybody who comes from it.


Santurce- This place gets its own mention, because it is so different from the other places I mention here. Think of it as the modern-day Brooklyn of modern-day San Juan: There is a lot of cultural and nightlife capital in this neighborhood, a good feel for what Puerto Rico is really like, lots of cool old people and artsy people hanging around, but there are also large areas where you do not want to be walking around alone at night if you don’t need to. If you go to Santurce, make sure you have an idea of where you are going before you go wandering around.

Hato Rey, Rio Piedras, Catano, Bayamon and the rest of the island:

First let me say that no matter where I went, I encountered friendly and amazing people in Puerto Rico. The vast majority of my experiences with regular Puerto Ricans have been positive.

Even in my boxing gym, which is located in one of the roughest parts of the metro area (Bayamon), the guys I trained with were all complete gentlemen and seemed very pleased that a White-American cat would come to train at their gym.

Just about every section of San Juan, and municipality in PR, has its housing projects and poor neighborhoods; the geography of PR is dominated by them. These areas have a high murder rate. People do get killed on the regular. It’s just a fact of life here. Make all of your moves while aware of that fact, and you should be okay.

If any of the venues I mention are in an area that is likely to be a ghetto, or have a rougher clientele, I will mention it.


Public transportation in San Juan is not the greatest.

The metro area, and the rest of the island, have been built on car culture to a degree that makes it a serious disadvantage to not have a personal vehicle or a limo on your payroll.


The only taxis in the city are primarily used by tourists, not locals, and they cost $15 and more a ride just to go from one neighborhood to another. There are not many taxis that just ride around in the streets looking to pick people up.

It is best to just call Metro Taxi at 787-725-2870.

Tell them where you are, and where you want to go, and they will send a car.

Tren Urbano:

San Juan does have a very clean, safe and efficient train line that runs through a large portion of the Metro area. There are security guards and cool customer service people in every single station. These customer service people will have no problem to give you directions to where ever you want to go by foot from the station, as long as you speak Spanish. It is definitely a switch up for anybody who is used to NYC’s public transport and the rude or non-existent service there.

The problem with the train system is that it was erected well after city had already been constructed and urban sprawl had taken hold.
With this in mind, you can still use it to get to many parts of the city, if you are willing to walk a little distance from the train station in the area that you want to get to.

Car rental:

This is, hands down, the best way to see the Island. I rented a car from Hertz at the Marriott for a few days to go explore, and it was more than worth every dime. There are numerous Hertz car rental stations throughout the city.



In Condado, you can stay in the Marriot or la Concha on Ashford Drive. These both have hotel bars and casinos with cute chicks hanging around downstairs. They are also located on the beach.

In Isla Verde, you can stay at el San Juan, which also has a Casino and club called “Brava”, which I will talk about in a moment. This is also located of the beach.


For people looking for something cheaper and more social, I recommend the San Juan International Hostel, located in Santurce. This hostel is several blocks from the beach, but within walking distance. It located in the middle of a working-class neighborhood that is adjacent to Condado, so you will not see any other tourists around, but you will be able to walk to everything that you could do in Condado, plus take advantage of some things in the neighborhood itself.


Here I will break down which places I have experienced to be the best to meet chicks on each night of the week (with one exception, which I will note). This list is by no means exhaustive; I could not be in every place on every day of the month. Furthermore, this list does not include every place I have been. I have left some places out, for various reasons.

What I can say about this list is that if I have it written here, it was at its best on the night that I have it listed on. If you are coming to the city with plans to have a good time, this list will give you a reliable battle plan to start from.

To be continued...

San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets - Nacirema - 02-02-2012


La Respuesta in Santurce - Monday is a “hip-hop” night that is known throughout the metro area as a good place to hit. This place was better on Mondays than most other places are on the weekends. A lot of hot and laid back chicks come here. This is one place in PR that I had chicks open me. This is also the place in PR where I came closest to getting into a fight with a dude because his chick opened me.


Morenos Spot in Old San Juan - Go here if you want to try to pick up random tourist chicks who are “adventurous”. The music is a mix of Reggeaton, Bachata, Salsa and English Pop and Rap.

Mangos in Ocean Park - This is the only place I haven’t experienced personally. I’ve had several unrelated local sources tell me that this is the place to go on a Tuesday. They supposedly play electronic music and it draws a crowd that includes hot chicks from different social classes in PR. I was always caught up with other things, so if you go, let me know how it went.


Piropo on Calle Canals – This is a great spot to hit on Wednesday night if you want to try your hand with upper-class white skinned PR chicks. The music will be mostly American, and the clientele will speak English with little effort, but you will probably be the only non-Puerto Rican in there.


I’m going to break down two nightlife areas that I know to be cool areas to hit on a Thursday. Both of these areas will have a number of venues to hit. I will mention the most important venues by name, but there will be other venues which present opportunities as well. The clientele in both places will be almost exclusively local PR chicks and dudes, very few or no tourists.

Rio Piedras near the University of Puerto Rico-

The two spots that stick out strongest for me are “El Ocho” and “El Boricua”. They both will have 100 plus people in them on a normal Thursday night. Any taxi driver worth his salt will know one of them, and anybody in the area will know where the other one is once you get there. On top of that, there are several other bars and clubs in the area worth checking into.

El Ocho de Blanco- This is a three floor reggeaton and general Latin music venue with a dance club on the bottom floor, a seating area and bar on the second floor and a deck with a cool view on the third floor. There will be a lot of cute and slutty local chicks here staring at you if you look foreign and dress sexy, but there will also be a lot of PR gangster type cats around hating on you for it, so don’t come here unless you think you can hang.

El Boricua- This is more bohemian styled venue in contrast to El Ocho. It plays a lot of salsa, it has a very cool vibe, and the majority of the crowd here spills out into the side walk and surrounding streets. People are mingling everywhere, left and right. It reminded me of some of the artsy salsa spots in Cali, Colombia (not the places with the tables in Menga!).

This place is more like what I would imagine typical Puerto Rican nightlife “used to be like”, although this is pure speculation on my part.

La Placita de Santurce-

This place is fucking awesome. It is not packed with hot young girls like Rio Piedras is, but it is still a cool ass place to go on a Thursday night. The party consists of a number of open-air bars and clubs all located in and around a centralized market square. The center of la Placita is an old school PR market that sells fruits and cigars, amound other things, in the day time, so it's also worth checking that out.

You can go here as early as 5 PM to get your pre-game on if you want. There are also a couple good restaurants that you can sit down and eat at here to kick the night off. El Café de La Placita, is one of them, and Rubens Café (Dominican food) is right up the block. Check the restaurants section for more info on them.

Until 11, there are crowds of people singing, dancing, playing instruments and drinking in the streets. The crowd at this point is more mature than the crowd at Rio P, so this is also a good place to go if you are middle-aged and up. In fact, if you are in your 40s or 50s, you will not be out of place at all here. Some of the wildest Puerto Ricans in la placita are that age. There is also still a good amount of younger hot chicks hanging around at this time.

After 11 the part moves indoors to two notable places, Vibra Lounge and Fat Tuesday. There are also other venues that you will find on your own if you go there. Everything is very compact, so don’t sweat it if one place aint good, walk around and find another.

Vibra Lounge- This place is a 2nd floor lounge that has a balcony overlooking la placita. Never saw it packed, but there were always some groups of girls without guys to be approached.

Fat Tuesdays- This place gets packed on Thursdays. Its a bar with a laid back vibe, but chicks will especially dig you if you dress well.


La Placita de Santurce – See above. It is same on Fridays as it is on Thursdays, but even more packed.

Cocobongos in Isla Verde – This place is a reggeaton club that mainly caters to people from the rougher neighborhoods in the surrounding areas. With that said, there are a lot of dudes trying to be gangster here, but there are also a lot of open and slutty girls. If you think you could hang at a club in the Bronx, go here. If not, don’t go here.

El Oceano in Condado – Upscale lounge/bar right on the beach. Place is impressive. Expect good looking and wealthy locals, and a few tourists who pass the dress-code. I give this place an A+ for ambience alone. Expect the local girls to be hot and stuck up. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen if you have your shit tight. Go dressed extra sharp and run game accordingly.

If you are based out of Condado or an area very close by, is also a great place to take girls for a drink during weekday dates. Maybe even better for that than to go looking for chicks.

Nuyorican Café in Old San Juan – Cool spot that has live salsa on the weekends. You can pick up cute local girls here, or tourist girls. The girls here will not be stuck up. A nice looking PR chick smacked me on my ass here when I was walking by, because she said I was sexy. We proceeded to chat and I probably would have pulled her that night, but I later learned a valuable lesson about the importance of rolling solo.

El Batey in Old San Juan – Cool hipster bar. Lots of cute artsy and pseudo-educated chicks here who will be open to chat.

Morenos spot and Morenos liquor store in Old San Juan – These two places are right next to each other.

The one is a liquor store that turns into a reggeaton party at night. It will be packed, the chicks will be grinding on dicks left and right, and the guys will be ready to fight. But it can be very fun if you know how to manage that kind of situation.

The other place is like a more upscale version of the liquor store, which isn’t saying it is the classiest place around, but there are some cute PR chicks in there dancing reggeaton, salsa, merengue and bachata. If you are obviously not Puerto Rican and above average in the looks/dressing department, the chicks will literally stare you down in here until you approach them.

Small Bar in Condado – Frequented by a lot of tourist chicks and some locals. It is literally a small bar, but has a cool vibe and sexy girls.


The list is pretty much the same on Saturday as it is on Friday. The only exception is La Placita. Do not bother with this place on a Saturday, local people don't really hit it on Saturdays for some reason.


I prefer to chill on Sundays, but the one time I did go out on a Sunday night it was to Brava.

Brava in Isla Verde – This place wants to be a club in the meatpacking district of NYC. It is not a club in the meatpacking district of NYC. The girls here are hot, but they want to pretend they are at a club in the meatpacking district of NYC. Take it for what it is worth. Go hard or go home.

To be continued...

San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets - Nacirema - 02-02-2012

Day Game/Shopping

Plaza De Las Americas in Hato Rey – Largest mall in the Caribbean, and it is loaded with cute chicks. Need I say more?

Ashford Drive in Condado – This is “the strip” in San Juan. It runs along the beach, there are various boutiques, restaurants, casinos, cafes, bars and cute girls walking around in regular clothes and bathing suits.

Ocean Park Beach – On any given Saturday, this place will be loaded with cute girls who are willing to talk to you, if you are not a totally obese slob, and have the balls to approach them. This is one place where buying a girl a drink WILL work. There are guys walking around selling beer, if you tell them to send over a “Medalla” to a girl (or group of girls), then go over and approach them 10-15 minutes later, the approach has already been warmed and you will stand a good chance at making some headway. A Medalla only cost $2 on the beach, so it is worth the investment, in my opinion.

If your time in-country is short and your game is tight enough to get something out of it, bounce them to close by Kamoli Café for an instadate

Santa Rosa Mall in Bayamon – This one here is the sleeper. It is WAY out of the way, but I put it here for a reason: The chicks here are hot and NEVER see gringos walking around. Think Colombia. If you have a strong presence, you will feeling that girls are eye fucking you at a rate that is much more than usual. I pulled a few numbers here while barely trying, just going about my business walking around with my gym bag after a hard session in my boxing gym close by.

If you are going to come to Santa Rosa just to day game though, come on a busy day like a Thursday or Friday evening, or a Saturday or Sunday.

Old San Juan – Numerous day game opportunities here. There are always with tourists chicks walking around, and there are tons of locals as well on the weekends.


I have only been here from the end of December until the start of February, so that is all I will talk about. Within that time there are some cool things going on.

New Years- I highly recommend the NYE party at La Concha in Condado. It will cost about $100 for the tickets if you buy them ahead of time, and don’t know anybody. In this case, it’s actually better to buy them at the door, because I showed up at around 1030 and managed to in for $40.

Calles De San Sebastian Festival (mid-January)- It seems as if half of the population of the Island of Puerto Rico converges on Viejo San Juan to drink, sing and dance. I highly recommend getting accommodations in Old San Juan if you want to pull chicks from this festival, because there is so many people that it takes a long time to get in and out of the area.

Heineken Latin Jazz Festival at La Ventana in Condado- This is a fest that happens on the last Sunday Afternoon/Evening of every month. A cool vibe in front of the ocean, jazz and sals music playing on stage, and pretty girls to be had.


I’m pretty big on eating at local establishments when I travel to other nations (and trust me, PR is another nation from the US), so my recommendations are all places that serve Latin-Caribbean food.

Latin Star in Condado- This is a good spot on the Ashford Drive strip that serves up typical Puerto Rican Cuisine.

Raices- There is two of these restaurants, one in Old San Juan, one in Caguas. I highly recommend both of them for excellent Puerto Rican Cuisine. They both have a “PR cultural celebration” type of theme going on inside of them, and the servers wear traditional Puerto Rican clothing. Sounds kind of cheesy, but it’s not, and the food is good, go!

El Sabroso in La Placita- If you go here on a Saturday around lunch time, you will be able to eat some killer Lechon and side dishes.

Barbakoa, Outside of El Yunque Rainforest- This was probably my favorite place to eat the whole time I was in PR. It is an outdoor restaurant alongside a little river on the road that runs into El Yunque. If you go to El Yunque, you must stop here on the way in or out.

Ruebens Café in Santurce- This is a local favorite spot for Dominican and Puerto Rican food. A lot of great nights started here over cold Presidentes or Brugal. It is located on the corner of Calle Dos Hermanos and Ponce De Leon.

Café de La Placita- This is a great local place with outdoor seating, located right in the middle of la placita de Santurce. Nice crowd, a lot of hot 20-something PR chicks with jobs come in here on Friday nights.

Kamoli Café on Calle Loiza by Ocean Park – Cool little bohemian café/boutique that has a cool environment and excellent food.


El Yunque rainforest- This is a must do if you stay in the Island for more than a week. It doesn’t have to take you more than a day, although you could spend a long time there if you wanted to. I suggest renting a car instead of doing a guided tour. It is no more than 45 minutes from the center of San Juan.

Culebra Island- The home to Flamenco Beach, widely regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches on earth. You can rent a car or take a tourist van ride to Fajardo on the far east side of the island. Then you catch the ferry to Culebra from there. Once in Culebra, I suggest Flamenco Beach from swimming and chilling, and Tamarindo Beach for snorkeling.

Puerto Rico Facts and History

San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets - Amsterdao! - 02-02-2012

+1 nacirema..brilliant piece of a data sheet. I'm planning a latin america 10 month trip....Mexico, Belize and the whole south american continent. I am not really interested in central some carribean destinations like PR would be ideal to fill that gap.

San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets - MiXX - 02-02-2012


San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets - MiXX - 02-02-2012

Quote:Nacirema Wrote:

"As far as the girls go: It's not Colombia"

Thank you, That's all I needed to know; you nipple squeezing mofo!

Miss hangin' witcha player!!!

*** I did not see you write about the boricuas you banged......what gives?


San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets - MiXX - 02-02-2012

Im in DFW right Now waiting for a flight to FLL. The plane continues to San Juan. By the looks of the Puerto Rican passengers, Puerto Rico is seriously an extremely FAT island today. Not one passenger going to PR looks healthy, not one!


San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets - Nacirema - 02-02-2012

If I had gone there only with the purpose of fucking a lot of hot girls, I would have went home sorely disappointed.

My advice to anybody thinking of going is the same: There are better places than PR if you are traveling to fuck lots of hot chicks in a short period of time, or learn Spanish. They are written about all over the forum.

With that said, I enjoy the place, I made some cool connections there and I will be probably be going back in the future.

Mixx, I'm getting my Jeffersons on right now, in the process of moving from Queens to the city. I'm gonna hit you up the old fashioned way when I get situated, and we can go over the play by play. You are always welcome up here man.

San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets - Sly - 02-03-2012

Great post dude.
I was thinking about doing a one week trip to Puerto Rico since I was already in the DR.
Your solid data sheet confirms I made a wise decision by staying in the DR based on what my travel objectives were.

Thanks for the info. +1

San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets - azulsombra - 02-03-2012


How did the island ricans stackup against the typical, NYC,Jersey,Philly ricans?
Looks, attitude?

San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets - Nacirema - 02-03-2012

Good question Azul.

Coming from a part of eastern Pennsylvania that has a huge Boricua community, and owing a large part of my initial interest and knowledge about Latino culture to this, I went into PR with the same question in mind.

What I came find there is that the "the typical, NYC,Jersey,Philly ricans" are a somewhat representative of a certain slice of society in Puerto Rico, but they do not represent the majority.

What I mean by this is that there is a lot more variety in PR than there is in the PR communities on the east coast.

On the island you will find a lot of Puerto Ricans that wear Abercrombie, you will find a lot of Puerto Ricans that dress like hipsters, you will find a lot of Puerto Ricans that listen to punk and rock and pop. You will find a lot of Puerto Ricans that speak "proper" Spanish and "proper" English as well. You will find a lot of Puerto Ricans who are pure European blooded, some with blue eyes, blond hair and all.

Furthermore, you will find many white Puerto Ricans from the lower class who act and dress gangster and a lot of black PRs from the middle class who act and dress "proper".

This diversity is way less common on the east coast, where the majority of the Puerto Ricans there now are the children and grandchildren of people who came from the less wealthy classes of the island in the middle of the century. Furthermore, these children grew up as minorities in inner-city America during the Civil-Rights movement, riots, the NYC fiscal crises, neighborhood disinvestment, the emergence of hip-hop and the crack epidemic.

This has created a unique sub-culture in the east coast PR community that shares some similarities with the PR's of the island, especially the lower classes, but is one all of its own.

PR girls on the island, on average, are way more feminine and less bitchy than east coast PR chicks. But they are also way harder to have sex with.

They are very similar to Colombian chicks in that they like to get dressed up and look good, and move good, and act plain sexy.

But similar to Colombian chicks, an upper or middle class PR chick that is known as a slut is a girl who has committed social suicide.

The difference is that Colombian girls often completely forget their "morals" when dealing with “interesting” foreigners. High-class PR girls are way less likely to do so, because they are constantly around foreigners all of their lives.

Another thing to note is that prostitution is not nearly as wide-spread or accepted in PR as it is in Colombia.

Chicks also tend to be heavier in PR than in Colombia, owing to the fact that fast food is everywhere, and the car culture has people acting like they are allergic to walking.

If I had to pick any sub-set of girls in PR that is the most like the ones on the east coast though, it would be the ones from the projects. The difference is that these girls often can't speak English, while many of the east coast PR girls often can't speak Spanish.

San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets - Pete - 02-07-2012

Yo, it was nice helping you out. It's funny that you showed me la placita, and having it so close I hadn't gone there. I went last thursday and had a nice time!

If anyone comes to PR pm me and I can show you a few places and help you out in anything you need.

San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets - MiXX - 02-07-2012

Quote: (02-02-2012 11:38 PM)Nacirema Wrote:  

Mixx, I'm getting my Jeffersons on right now, in the process of moving from Queens to the city. I'm gonna hit you up the old fashioned way when I get situated, and we can go over the play by play. You are always welcome up here man.

The city? Very nice!!! Definitely, but it will have to be after my trip to Poland, in springtime around May, and from there, I'll cross on over to Montreal for the summer.



San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets - jackflag - 09-30-2012

Hey guys.

Read the data sheet on PR since myself and some friends (all mid-20's) are going to be heading there for New Years this year.

It gave me a good base, but I was hoping some of you could offer suggestions as to what to do there based on our likes.

For one, we're not sure whether to stay in Condado or Old San Juan. We are also debating over whether to get hotel rooms or to rent condos out in either area. There will be 3-5 of us, btw.

Where would be the best place to go for girls in the 18-27 or so range? I know OSJ is where the cruise ships dock, but i've heard Condado is also a hotbed. Which is better for daygaming and night pulls? We'd ideally like to be able to have our lodging and the nightlife within walking distance in case someone lands a girl. But I understand cabs are a necessity in some cases.

Wondering what the local/tourist ratio is for the two areas, or if there's somewhere else we should be looking into. I have heard OSJ isn't the safest place, but that's not a huge concern.

Whats the best plan for New Years eve?

Lastly, a different one of us picks our new years spot every year, so my friend chose PR for this year. But while I am into latina girls, I strongly prefer white/european/asian, so i'm wondering if tourists from europe/australia/etc. tend to congregate to the island for holidays?

Thanks in advance for any tips and info.

San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets - jackflag - 10-01-2012


San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets - elabayarde - 10-02-2012

PC broke... will comment soon.

San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets - jackflag - 10-02-2012

Thanks man, appreciate it. We'll be booking pretty soon so any info is helpful.

San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets - Tiguere - 05-19-2016

Anybody hit up Puerto Rico since Tinder gained popularity?

Online options elsewhere are abysmal and data on the forum says PR is one of the hardest countries to get laid in Latin America.

Thinking of doing a month due to the beaches and nature, but it's too expensive of a spot to only bag a couple of chicks in a month.

San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets - jcrew247 - 08-18-2016

Anyone been to PR recently? Read an article about the island having low taxes and a lot of US bankers moving there. However, their economy seems to be struggling so not sure what is going on there - is the country really run down now? Seems like a decent vacay spot. How are women?

San Juan, Puerto Rico Data Sheets - Oilrig - 08-18-2016

I can confirm the women are still hot, and lots of hot girls on tinder; locals and American tourists. It is hard to get laid in PR, the girls would prefer to get with a local than a tourist. It's much easier to hook up with the drunk American girls there on a girls trip or bachelorette party. Señor frogs and brava are the main spots where you'll see drunk American girls.

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Quote: (08-18-2016 07:13 PM)Oilrig Wrote:  

I can confirm the women are still hot, and lots of hot girls on tinder; locals and American tourists. It is hard to get laid in PR, the girls would prefer to get with a local than a tourist. It's much easier to hook up with the drunk American girls there on a girls trip or bachelorette party. Señor frogs and brava are the main spots where you'll see drunk American girls.

Agreed haha, I don't think I've ever been shut down as swiftly and consistently as I was in Puerto Rico. Also, it seems there are airlines adding flights from Scandinavian, I met a bunch of them when I was there in February.

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I just came back from Puerto Rico, and I own property on the west coast. I'm obviously biased on this matter, but I want to bump this threat and add a bit.

Nacirema did an OUTSTANDING write up, and he captured much of the nuance and paradox of this amazing island. I will say that overall it is one of the most underrated tropical travel destinations out there. I lived in Hawaii (oahu) for several years so I can at least make a fair personal comparison there.*

In Puerto Rico, although it's currently suffering, you have an authentic and unique latin culture that is extremely varied and relatively sophisticated. Nacirema's write up was more focused on San Juan, so I'll add a little bit of flavor to the other side of the Island.

On the Western and Southern sides of the Island, you will find some truly enchanting small towns and cities, beautiful Spanish Plazas, and countless small festivals with amazing music and great food.

As for beaches. In Rincon and Isabella, you have THE best surfing in the Caribbean, and indeed one of the best spots in the world. All this with far less of the "wolfpack" surf mentality or crowds you get in other popular destinations. There are many beautiful expanses of beaches where you will just be there in perfect solitude with few people or even nobody around.

CrashBoat Beach in Aguadilla, is particularly scenic. It was an old Sugar loading pier that still has the ruins (now inhabited by schools of beautiful fish) to go swim around and some incredibly clear water. It can get a bit crowded though since it's so lovely. But all along the western coast there's great beaches. Playa Aguada, about center way down the west coast, is not the best maintained beach park, but it makes up for it in it's sheer size and uncrowded atmosphere. And since the west coast is a generally north-south coastline, you get some incredible sunsets each and every night.

In the south west tip of the island you have what is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Playa Sucia. I do not say this lightly, because I again I lived in Hawaii. The name is ironic because it means: "dirty beach" in Spanish, but that's because it sits on the other side of some salt flats and dark mangrove trees, which actually look very cool and dystopian. To keep the beach less crowded, they have deliberately limited parking to get there, and the road is in laughably bad condition so you have to drive slow and carefully going out there, and then additionally you have to walk a fair distance to get to the beach. WELL WORTH THE TRIP! The beach is this white sand horseshoe that looks out onto 2 bluffs with a narrow chanell that lets water in. On one of the bluffs you have a lighthouse and these sheer cliffs that go down into the water, you walk all around there to your risky hearts content. I'll post up picks later because it's surreally beautiful. Even the drive to there is very nice because there's some really scenic farmland, countless roadstops to get Coco Frio (ice cold coconut water drank straight from a fresh cut coconut), empanadas, etc...

Also around that area is La Parguera. This is a small, very local Puerto Rican seaside town in an area filled with these mangrove islands and coral reefs. Awesome, awesome snorkeling and scuba diving. You can even rent a motor boat there for something ridiculous like $20 an hour to go around. There's even a mini-bio illuminescent bay there as well. When you are done snorkeling stick around for the food and nightlife of this extremely charming little town. Very local feel to it, feels like a boardwalk from the 60s.

Inland there are countless treasures too. If you like off the beaten path hiking, there are great waterfalls to go to, such as Gozalandia Falls, which is a family run waterfall in San Sebastian. There's several levels to it and you can jump into the waterfalls too which is fun. In the center of the Island there are some huge volcanic lakes as well as amazingly quaint towns. Jajuya, and Lares (birthplace of the Puerto Rican independence revolt back in the 60s) in particular are nice.

As has been stated before, Puerto Rico is not a great place to get an easy lay, unless you are looking for tourists in the San Juan area. The zika craze has largely passed and San Juan, particularly Old San Juan, are as popular as ever. If you take one of those guided catamaran tours of the Islands by Fajardo (also stunning but that area is for another posting), you are bound to be on a boat with some mainland sorority sluts, bachelorette parties, etc... As for the average Puerto Rican girl that isn't fat and on welfare, I think you'll find an incredibly charming and traditional woman who can cook like a champ and really take care of you. One of the biggest takeaways from Puerto Rico most people get is that the people are so NICE! Especially in the countryside and west coast.

So to wrap up this rather poorly planned post: aside from gaming, consider Puerto Rico - all of the island - as a great place to come and enjoy some very accessible yet remote carribean culture and beauty. You will get all or most of the charm of other latin American countries, with far less of the danger and dysfunction.

I'll post more later on specific spots on the island, with pictures, but for now I wanted to warm up this thread because I really think Puerto Rico is underappreciated. Especailly as an expat bug-out place! But more on that later...


*want to quickly say that none of my comparisons to Hawaii are meant to put Hawaii down, purely for comparison purposes. I'll be the first to say Hawaii has PR beat hands down in many regards.

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Just a quick update post Hurricane trip in April

La Respuesta is still good on Monday’s but wasn’t overly packed.

El San Juan hotel and Club Brava are closed due to open October 2018. La concha is still good.

La Placita was overflowing on Saturday night.

La factoria in old San Juan is the spot now, 6 rooms (some hidden) with different music and bars/dance floors.

Nuyorican cafe is closed.

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Quote: (05-03-2018 02:27 AM)winterfell Wrote:  

Just a quick update post Hurricane trip in April

La Respuesta is still good on Monday’s but wasn’t overly packed.

El San Juan hotel and Club Brava are closed due to open October 2018. La concha is still good.

La Placita was overflowing on Saturday night.

La factoria in old San Juan is the spot now, 6 rooms (some hidden) with different music and bars/dance floors.

Nuyorican cafe is closed.

Was also recently in PR for a quick trip and can confirm La Placita is where you want to be on a Saturday night...mamacitas out in full force.

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Headed down to the island next week. DM me if you wanna meet up.