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Nootropics Thread

Nootropics Thread

Anybody here uses phosphatidylserine? I feel this plus Zinc would make boost the "manliness" of any man?

Nootropics Thread

Does anyone uses any app for brain training, like luminosity or peak? Just wondering, saw a video from doctor Kawashima from Nintendo and he told that kind of things work.

Nootropics Thread

Noopept together with a choline source + L-Theanine made a huge difference for me. In short it killed my brain fog, structured my thoughts, improved my short term memory and multiplied my mental stamina. Friends of me have tried it and their effects were nothing much.

Nootropics Thread

I've been taking nootropics for over 5 years and I find a lot of benefit from them. I would definitely call myself an enthusiast, though I am largely skeptical of the industry as a whole. There's way too much anecdote and hearsay, and the amount of misinformation and sensationalized BS out there makes me quite frustrated

Using nootropics takes a lot of trial and error - I'd say at least 2/3 of them don't seem to do anything. The problem is that the majority of vendors don't test their products, and you have no idea what you're really getting. Nootropics fall under the category of dietary supplements and the FDA and other regulatory agencies do very little for quality control.

There are some legit companies and very useful nootropics with a lot of evidence for their claims. It just takes a bit of digging and trial and error.

Check out Nootropics Professor for useful information.

Nootropics Thread

Quote: (10-15-2018 10:33 AM)The Grey Wrote:  

Noopept together with a choline source + L-Theanine made a huge difference for me. In short it killed my brain fog, structured my thoughts, improved my short term memory and multiplied my mental stamina. Friends of me have tried it and their effects were nothing much.

Noopept and l-theanine are great, although very subtle.

Most people who claim to not notice anything from nootropics are too dim witted or ADD to notice nuanced changes in perception and mental clarity.

Nootropics Thread

Microdosing (of psychodelics) is currently getting a lot of mainstream media attention, at least here in the UK.

I myself am experimenting with magic mushrooms. 15-20mg a dose, three to four days apart. Usually before my band are playing, I find it helps greatly with creativity but also leaves a lingering focus over the next few days which is great for business. I used to use modafinil quite heavily, but quit when I became worried I was getting addicted. So let's see how these go

They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety- Benjamin Franklin, as if you didn't know...

Nootropics Thread

i tried a few dozens of nootropics before it was cool
let me list the ones which were imo the most effective
i used to have RX piracetam. when my script finished i was still able to order online from a czechian pharmacy where it was OTC
i tried doses anywhere between 0.8g to 70+g
800mg never did much
2.4g give me serenity, it had visual effects: everything seemed smoother, with a slight golden tint
my memory for numbers was noticeably better
after a while it stopped working, so I took 74g and it still was doing nothing
just like piracetam but much stronger and shorter
feels good
huperzine a:
that was the stronger in term of memory enhancing
200mcg was all that was needed
there was no feel good feeling, but rather a slightly nauseous sensation
one day i took 800mcg and it made me way too nauseous, since then the idea of ingesting any amount of huperzine was disgusting to me
i was doing anywhere between 3.5 to 5g
it is very strong, it's junky level drug
it reduces greatly anxiety, it doesn't affect your cognition as much as other similar drugs such as benzos or alcohol. but it did impair my balance
tolerance develops very fast
i didn't notice effects on my memory
compounds I've tried that did had some effects but weren't really effective:
it inhibits a very important enzyme in your body. the end results is more dopamine in your brain
fun fact: it is metabolized to inactive isomers of meth & amphetamine: levo-methamphetamine and levo-amphetamine
if you take too much of it, eating cheese can become fatal.
i was getting high from eating cheese and chili.
i once drank a coffee while on it. it multiplied the effect by 10. I could barely sit and was overfilled with jittery energy
i also tried 2-fluoroamphetamine while on it. altho the normal dose is about 20mg, while on selegiline, a pinhead-like amount of 2-FA was more than enough to get great long lasting effects.
i also tried pseudoephedrine on it, pseudoeph is usually not psychoactive by itself, but seligiline unlock the drug potential of it. I used it to enhence my physical abilities at some sport exam during high school, this day i ran noticeably faster than my buddy.
i also tried phenylethylamine with selegiline, some people say it feels almost like meth, but it did near nothing to me
i was 16-17yo at the time. some combinations i tried were very dangerous... lol
stimulants: amphetamine and derived, help a lot to focus, but as long-term nootropics, i fear you'd derail into junkyness. some like methamphetamine are way too aphrodisiac and you might end up wanking like crazy for 12 hours straight instead of doing your work.
now a list of useless compounds:
bacopa, gingko biloba, ginseng, vitamins, tyrozine, phenylethylamine, magnesium, noopept, coluracetam, l-theanine, vitamins, and many that i've forgotten
it was fun experimenting  but now i don't use any nootropic. their effects are usually way to weak to justify taking the time to swallow the pill.

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